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My Summer Backpack

summer back pack new look sea

new look summer backpack

Backpack: New Look

I've said before that I am not much of a bag person, and only buy new ones when my current ones are on their way out or I'm putting together an outfit for an event and realise I don't have a bag that matches. I think my non-passion for bags stems from my belief that it's not really part of the outfit itself and more something to carry stuff in.

What inspired me to to get myself a pretty summer backpack was my trips to Dundee. I had an Animal backpack currently on loan from my mum for my trips back to my university town. But it was one that she bought for travelling, and my mum is very much a function over form kind of person so it was a blatant tourist backpack. When I was walking up Buchanan Street to get my Megabus to Dundee and then walking to my friend's flat it didn't bother me that I was wearing an ugly backpack that clearly indicated I had been on a train or bus. But I always like to take a few hours to walk around the Dundee city centre to visit some of my favourite independent shops before I head back to Glasgow and walking around with a big and frumpy rucksack always irritated me then. This then led me to the rare purchase of a new bag with the intent of it being a practical but stylish one that could look like an everyday bag rather than mark me out as a tourist.

This one is from New Look. I have said that this year I would like to buy more stuff from independent shops but I needed to buy one quickly, and I knew New Look had a good selection in. Anyone know of any independent or charity shops in Glasgow which have a good bag selection where I could add another rucksack option to my wardrobe?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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