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Glasgow 2014

Glasgow 2014 Glasgow 2014 secc Glasgow 2014 river clyde Glasgow 2014 hydro Glasgow 2014 gymnastics people make glasgow Glasgow 2014 bag

For the past two weeks (or month, if you include the World Cup) you'd be forgiven for thinking I'd turned into a sports blogger. I can assure you haven't and I will soon resume my Instagram updates of vegan pasta dishes and tweets about animal testing but when your city hosts a major worldwide sporting event it's pretty difficult to not get involved with it.

Glasgow was awarded the host city spot long before I moved here and despite the seven year build-up the whole thing didn't feel real until a week beforehand when we were receiving letters about road closures, you could play spot the tourist and the high barriers around the SECC were taken down and you could see the graphics added to the buildings. People have asked what it's like to live in a city which is hosting this and the best word I have is surreal. The idea that the whole world is watching the city you live in; that the Commonwealth marathon covers both your own Saturday jogging route and the road you take to the post office; police officers carrying guns (they don't carry them in the UK); the road closures affecting my way to work and just the general fucking energy filling up the city. I can remember London 2012 - which I had considered going to - and despite how convenient it was having the Olympics in the same time zone and being able to 'get' the Opening Ceremony it still felt real that a city like London could host the Olympics. But I had a bit of a "Glasgow host the Commonwealth? Did Toronto not want it?" attitude.

glasgow 2014 scotland versus malawi glasgow 2014 scottish netball glasgow 2014 netbal medal ceremony

But now it's time for me to write the mushy part: I've mention it plenty of times these past two weeks (and you may have known anyway) but I love netball and even follow it when it's not involved in a major sporting event. And for me personally, getting to see the Scottish Thistles play with the big guns of the world was, truthfully, a bit emotional. I knew going into the Commonwealth Games they weren't going to add to Scotland's medal count but to come ninth when we rank eleventh in the world was phenomenal. I was present at the Scotland versus Malawi match and even though I groaned about a few issues I could see with tactics and game play they showed fantastic sportmanship and they brought it as well as they could and it was only at half time you could see that Malawi (ranked number 5 in the world) were safely going to win it (I also seen the Wales versus South Africa match and, well, SA had that game by the end of the first quarter). Between this and making the world cup in Sydney next year I am so proud of our girls. ♥

And for every other sport - what I love about the Commonwealth and the Olympics is the mainstream coverage of lesser acknowledged sports. My favourite sports to watch (and I have quite a few) rarely get mainstream coverage and I love these events when I can turn on the BBC and see a bit of netball, or volleyball, or BMX, or women's football, or hockey. My parents lived in New Zealand for four years before I was born and they said something they really liked about Kiwi culture was that all sports got mainstream coverage (including sports we might consider pointless). I'm going off on a tangent here...

glasgow 2014 irn-bru shop

When it comes to who was getting annoyed at Glasgow 2014 and who was getting excited there was a clear split between people who liked sports and those who didn't. Those of us who are sports fans (even those who didn't get tickets) were willing to put up with road closures and other changes in order to host this but those of us who hate sports just wished the whole thing would go away. But there were plenty of others events going on around the city - more than I could fit in around full-time work - and I spent Saturday mooching around Merchant City at the International Food Festival and at the Irn-Bru shop (a shop that kept the biggest of non-sports fans pretty sweet amongst the shenanigans).

I'm currently rounding this up as I watch the closing ceremony, which is taking place less than 10 miles from where I'm sitting. You might have seen me mention on Twitter but I had auditioned to be in the ceremonies and was offered a place in the closing ceremony, however the rehearsal times clashed with my already-bought netball tickets and I chose to go with the tickets (I still have my audition number as a token though) which after seeing the matches I'm glad I stuck with (but we still need to see what happens in the closing ceremony).

This has all been surreal as hell Glasgow, and it's going to feel so weird now that it's come and gone and it now officially over.

Morag x

P.S. I also did a vlog of the Scotland and Malawi match over on my miscellaneous YouTube channel which almost never gets updated.  I also have footage from the medal matches and some rhythmic gymnastics which I should get up soon.
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