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Floral breeks

floral breeks scottish fashion blogger

floral breeks fashion scotland 3

floral breeks fashion blogger 2

For someone who has been making the effort to buy more clothes from independent designers and charity shops it kind of pains me to admit that this entire outfit came from Primark. For me personally the 'casual' section of my wardrobe is the most lacking as I spend most of my week in office clothes and when I go out with friends it's usually for drinks and gigs at night so I own plenty of fancy frocks (a lot of which are from independent brands). So when I took a day off work for Hayley to come see me in Glasgow for a trip to the Science Centre and some food (Bar Soba in the West End, which is amazing and of course I'll be blogging about it) I headed out quickly to try and find a suitable outfit for some during-the-day-socialising.

It is pretty rare to see me in trousers and I had admittedly not really taken to the floral trousers trend (breeks is the Scots word for trousers) but for some reason when I seen these hanging up in Primark I just kind of had to have them. And then teamed them with a white jumper I found on the same shopping trip (which transitioned into my office clothes section of my wardrobe). The pleather jacket is one I bought a few months ago (as I seen in this outfit post) and is also from Primark and one of my go-to jackets. I however didn't manage to find any shoes on my shopping trip or in my already somewhat large collection that matched the outfit and were suitable for long walking distances so I chucked on my vans which didn't look right with the trousers at all so that's why my feet are chopped out of the photos!

When it comes to buying more independent brands I have found that it is a transition, just like vegetarianism, cruelty-free beauty then later veganism and my ongoing transition to cruelty-free cleaning products. My decision to buy more independently isn't just fashion snobbery but also from an ethical point of view and I've successfully started buying more night-time clothes from lesser known brands but still struggling with just about everything else. If anyone has any pointers or shops where I could have a look I'd be grateful.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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