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31 August 2014

August Playlist

Clarity - Alex Goot
The Land of Make Believe - allSTARS
Sexfaldur - amila
You There - Aquilo
Somebody - Atomic Kitten
I Dream - Billie
Cherokee - Cat Power
I Belong In Your Arms - Chairlift
Radio - The Corrs
Landfill - Daughter
Where to Start - Elin Ruth Sigvardsson
Summer Girl - Family of the Year
Hometown - Fatherson
Kites are Free - The Free Design
The Thin Line - Heather Peace 
My Best Friend - Hello Saferide
You Can Be Timeless - The Henry Clay People
Bang on the Piano - Jack McManus
Not a Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake
Playing My Game - Lene Marlin
Casanova - Marion Ravn
Old Fashioned - Me One
Rearrange - Miles Kane
Keep - Nils Frahm
Pumpin Blood - NONONO
Release Me - Oh Laura
Time After Time - Quietdrive
Rockstar - Reemer
One of Those Nights - Shawn Mendes
Without Country - Tiger Please

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