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Gigs // Seen Live Recently

Backstreet Boys at The Hydro in Glasgow

It's been a while since my last Gig Audit post. This isn't because I haven't been to any gigs recently - I've been to plenty - but because I'm never sure what exactly to say when I write up review of live acts. Do I talk about their set order? Or what they wore? Or their props? I'm never too sure.

However, music and specifically going to see live music is a big part of life and I want that to be reflected on my blog however because of the vast amount of posts I want to write it gets put to the back burner. However I've decided to wait for a few gigs to pass then write a big round-up of thoughts on whether they are worth it or not. Starting with the period from March to now.

Backstreet Boys / All Saints

I was thinking of giving this its own full post because it was just that fucking good. I'm both a massive BSB and All Saints fan (it's difficult to say which act I was more excited for) and I was giddy at work all that day waiting for 7pm. They did not disappointed and are definitely two acts I wholeheartedly recommend seeing live if you're a fan. I managed to get quite good tickets and could clearly see the boys and don't think I had ever been more starstruck in my life.

Red City Radio / Perdition

A lesser known band from America that you may not have heard of (or might, if you checked out my March playlist). Held in Audio which is in the Tunnels near Central Station - the place smelt like a fucking tunnel - they were everything I wanted them to be with brilliant amounts of energy and I was extremely impress by their support act Perdition and fired up Spotify when I got in home in order to hear more.

Katy Perry / Icona Pop 

And yes, here we go. Everyone I knew was either going or was jealous that I was going. I was skint at the time tickets went on sale so had to grab the cheapest back-of-the-Hydro tickets (which were still more expensive than my near-the-front BSB tickets) but Katy does put on an extravagant show so I could still see plenty of what was going on (we're talking six foot high dresses and hanging from a diamond here). But I don't know, I'm a big Katy fan and was really excited but, I don't know, I actually can't say she's a live act you must see before you die. Meh.

Brand New

I think I tweeted a few things afterwords and my opinion similarly reflects Lily's. I'm not a huge Brand New fan and only grabbed a ticket after seeing a friend advertising her boyfriend's spare ticket on Twitter and thought 'might as well'. This was one of these gigs where almost everyone I knew turned up and it did seem to divide opinions - some people said it was the best gig they'd been to whilst others shared my annoyance over Jude Law and The Semester Abroad being left out of the set list.

This was however my first tie in the Barrowland which is definitely the best gig venue I've been to in Glasgow.

Were you at any of these gigs? What did you think of them? 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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