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Gig Audit: Fall Out Boy/Pretty Reckless

It feels like a lifetime ago I went to see Fall Out Boy at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow (even though it was more accurately three weeks ago). Whilst I'm having to physically restrain myself not to jump Backstreet Boys/All Saints to the top of my Gig Audit to-do list, I'll give FOB the credit they deserve (and they do deserve it)

I literally found out I was going to see them only five hours beforehand - someone I only somewhat know through the gig/club scene posted on Facebook that they had managed to nab themselves some standing tickets and were handing out their original seating tickets for free (I didn't even realise I'd be getting star struck by Little J from Gossip Girl until she came on stage).

Getting seating tickets did mean I wasn't really 'in' the gig. Like, I was there but it's a completely different atmosphere to standing near the front and being able to see these people you only had ever known from television and magazines but instead looking down on it all. (I'll be roughly in the same seats for Katy Perry, and I'm really tempted to buy a £80 odd ticket off someone - after that in May I'm always going standing)

But from up above I can still tell you that they can sing, they spin around on stage like they do in their videos, they played songs from 2005 with ridiculously long names (A little less sixteen candles a little more touch me is a personal favourite) and they had us all use the torch on our phones.

They also let out some massive black balloons. I'm not really sure why, but it was awesome, in a weird kind of way.

And they did an acoustic set for Sophmore Slump or Comeback of the Year and Grand Theft Autumn. And I fan girled. A lot.

And then I went to the Catty got half price entry with my ticket, and got so drunk I danced up against a wall.

Morag x

P.S. Taylor Momsen dances weird.

morag | mo adore
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