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Bart Simpson & orange lipstick

Top: Primark
Bart Simpson Skirt: Forever 21
Thick tights: Primark
Shoes: Converse
Lipstick: Gosh flirty orange
Rings: Maggie's Farm and Morgan Clare

I have to say kids, I am absolutely loving the cartoon and pop culture fashion trend which is going on right now (there's more outfits where this came from). I was only in Forever 21 to pick up some sports wear for netball but I got drawn across the room to the mixture of bright colours and familiar faces from my childhood, and when I seen this Bart Simpson skirt I burst out laughing and knew I had to own it. 

This outfit photo actually goes back a while; it was taken a few weeks ago during lent when I popped across to Dundee for my pal's Get The Funk Out night. Hip hop isn't realllllyy my thing, but the atmosphere and the selection of 'socially concious beats' (not my words) from real hip hop artists (no 'fiddy' here) definitely made it a good night. 

As for the orange lipstick, it's a trend I've been drawn to for ages but only decided to go get myself one last month. Flirty Orange by Gosh is a slightly more wearable orange than some of the other options on the market, and even though I was a bit 'wooooowwww' when I first looked in the mirror in pictures of the event it looks a lot more coral rather than florescent (here's a picture taken by the nightclub photographer).

Morag x 

morag | mo adore
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