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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

Inside my ring collection

If it wasn't apparent, if there's any type of jewellery that I'm magpie towards it's a quirky ring. I love patterned dresses which quirky necklaces usually interrupt and I just generally hate wearing bracelets and earrings just don't suit my lobe-less ears. I also (maybe oddly) believe my hands are one of my best features.

And when I say quirky, I mean quirky. Go big or go home in my motto.

Or at least have a quirky relic.

Above are some of my favourites taken on a hungover Sunday morning with Gillian, hence the classy picture of my clutching a Goldschläger bottle.

Gold skeleton body (1st photo)
Whilst this ring gets the most odd looks (mainly because the torso is missing) this is actually my go-to ring. Whilst it wouldn't be caught on the fingers of, well, most people it's always floating about the top of my jewellery box.

Bought: Maggie's Farm, Dundee.

Skull head ring (1st and 4th picture)
Keeping with the skull theme, this is one of the newest additions to my collection and something that hasn't been off my middle finger since I got it. What I love about this is that the skull fits my quirky criteria but the ring as a whole is understated and delicate enough that I can wear in a situation where a full skeleton might not be appropriate (such as work). I also think this would be a great engagement ring (*pretends I haven't shoved it on that finger to be sure*) but that's probably just me.

Bought: Morgan Clare Boutique *

Star double ring (2nd picture)
Despite this list being mostly gold I considered myself a bonifide silver gal for years thinking gold rings were the choice of chavs. But these days I own very little silver and this little star (hah) is my go-to silver ring if my outfits requires that colour choice.

Bought: Maggie's Farm (maybe)

Spiked ring (3rd picture)
Despite being Team Angel (hahaha, I'm full of the jokes today) when I seen this the first time I was in my now beloved Maggie's Farm in Dundee I just had to own it. It usually makes people fear me slightly and it is one my slightly lesser worn rings but it's what I pop on when I'm wearing a tougher emsamble.

Bought: Take a guess (it's in Dundee)

Mood ring (4th picture)
A mood ring. We all own one but maybe most people bought there's as a teenager and have it as a keep sake in their jewellery box. I bought mine two years and still regularly slip it on.

Bought: Rara and the Pretty Vacant Showrooms (which is closing soon, boo!)

Seven dwarfs knuckleduster (5th picture)
Let's save the best still last shall we? This is the ring I get the most compliments on (and by compliments I generally mean "That's an interesting ring" which I choose to believe is a compliment) and was a story of love at first sight (Doc, Grumpy my hand, right after I get to the till). It's ridiculous and doesn't go with all that much, but I doubt I'll ever own a more fabulous piece of ring decor.

Bought: Maggie's Farm Dundee

Morag x

* Was gifted to me for PR purposes, but I'm not lying about wearing it every day (and never would lie about anything ever)

morag | mo adore
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