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The Gig Audit: Limp Bizkit at the 02

I know that some of you may be screwing up your faces at the idea of a Limp Bizkit concert. But I really don't care. Rollin' is one of my favourite songs from my teenage years and would easily end up in my Top 15 Songs of all Time list.

And after having been a bit on the gutted side that I found out about the concert a little too late I managed to snag a last minute ticket four days before (along with what seemed like half of the people I knew from Dundee).

For the TL;DR version: I'm fucking glad as hell that I landed this last minute ticket because this was hands down one of the best gigs I've ever attended! 10 red caps out of 10!

Some highlights:

Fred Durst sang on a bar
Amongst the crazy mosh pit going on down below, Mr Durst decided to get into it (along with the 02's security force) and head to the bar to sing from it. The opposite bar from where I was standing but hey, Fred Durst singing on a bar is Fred Durst singing on a bar.

Those who were in the mosh pit were lucky to get out alive
I'd normally go in the moshpit for the gratification of seeing a famous person up and close but due to two nights on the leash and an outfit featuring my new fancy handbag shaped like cat I decided to play it mellow on the stairs. And judging by the sweat dripping off the foreheads of my friends and the Facebook statuses the next morning I'm kinda glad my two day hang-over kept me out.

But hey, if you like flying shoes and infinite crowd surfers in a crowd where there's three different moshpits going at once then you can just ignore your hangover (but don't take a fancy handbag).

The support act had a goblin
I can't say I was getting particularly pumped at the thought of standing through Nekrogoblikon (or the other support act, named the compromisingly more mundane Crossfaith) but they had a guy dressed as a goblin which distracted me from the metal music going on around me (I'm glad no photos were taken of the look on my face throughout this). One of the other girls I was with summed it up quite well "you think that was their friend who couldn't play an instrument and they felt sorry for him and dressed him up as a goblin instead?".

And what I wore:

Dress: Primark
Bag (not pictured): Red N Bold
Shoes: Converse

This wouldn't be my usual gig get-up but when you recently managed to purchase three dresses in Primark for under £14 (altogether) you want an excuse to wear them. So I ended up going to a sweaty rock concert wearing a dress primarily made out of faux leather (and some lace). And a fancy bag that has the same rules imposed on it as a mother might put on their 14 year old daughter heading to her first gig ("no mosh pits until you're 18"). I did wear Converse however, so I get points for some kind of practicality.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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