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New things: play bingo

If you read my blog way back in the day you may remember that back during my student days I was quite extra-curricular. I mentioned in my new years eve post that I wanted to reignite that and thankfully a girl at work who graduated my year felt the same. We have agreed to do a list of new things this year. Some of them exciting, some of them mundane, and some of them might make you question how we got through 20 years of life without doing them. First up, we went to the bingo. 

I have played bingo in fun casual circumstances at Abertay Union. But there were only about 10 of us pissing about in bar and we were playing for about £7 or t-shirts/hats/glasses branded by alcohol brands, and the host would talk slow enough for us to keep up. Proper Bingo at the Mecca, however, I discovered was a tad more competitive and quite the serious pastime.

Mecca Bingo had an atmosphere I wasn't entirely used to, and can't quite explain (but I'll try). The decor looked like it hadn't been updated since the 70's, some people were shouting and bitching amongst the general eerie quietness, and the demographic of bingo players were female and, for a lack of better phrase, probably don't shop at Waitrose. It was also huge and there were easily more people here than there would be in my favourite drinking holes.

Bingo is a skill, not just a game of chance. The numbers are read like lightning and players need to be quick to check if that number is on their sheet, whilst also checking if they've marked off enough to win (when I checked my paper at home I discovered I had a few lines completely marked off). When we sat down a women decided she wasn't going to stay for the late night session and gave us her spare strips, leaving us trying to play with four strips between us, and letmetellyou that is bordering on as stressful as my university exams. When I looked around and seen people playing with five strips I questioned whether they were human or not.

(We gave up with the four strips and decided to play one each, leaving to chance whether those spare strips could have won us money).

Honestly, I can see why some people would play bingo. But even though I now carry a Mecca membership card I can't say I'm itching for another game. I prefer something a tad more lively plus I'm not overly competitive and gambling is a leisurely pursuit I've never had much inclination to put my money towards.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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