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Where to go in Dundee for a night out

When people find out I studied in Dundee one of the most common questions I am asked is where I liked to go for a night out. I wrote a post a few months about my Dundee nightclub of choice but Kage is only open on the weekends so during my students days I did regularly head somewhere else.

Dundee is small and it doesn't have the same selection as Glasgow but each niche is covered and I know a lot of people who show huge loyalty to one particular venue. Some of the details of each club may have changed since I left (two years ago this summer...dear god) but I'll head up some the details I remember.

The safest choice for most people, given that its a chain and most people are familiar with the brand. This opened on my 18th birthday and it had a big student clientèle as it worked closely with sports teams giving them free VIP access on team nights out (I spent many a times in the VIP bit when I was on the dance team). I do have friends who really didn't like Liquid but it was my favourite club in my early student days.

Fat Sams
Or 'fatties'. The supposedly famous one. After Liquid opened it lost its student cleintele and now has a reputation for being the venue of 40 year old men or underagers. They have five flours - each one with its own music policy - and one of my friends loved the top floor for its cheesy pop (which is somewhere I'd happily go, but I wouldn't choose to).

I know people who really love this place but I personally never liked attending unless it was for someone's birthday. It's small and can get cramped (clearly old before my time) and it caters for the R&B crowd (if you didn't get the memo this isn't my crowd haha). I either had a really terrible night here or a really good night (not in between) and mostly my enjoyable nights were when the venue was only semi-full and I was reaching my own maximum alcohol capacity.

Dundee University's student union (and apparently the biggest in Scotland) is where I enjoyed going on a Tuesday night out (the only other place open on a Tuesday in Dundee was Underground which I didn't like). The place is huge with a club downstairs and more 'bar' type venues in the higher up floors and has super cheap entry even if you're not a Dundee university student. The only negatives is anyone over 20 might feel really old and their drinks selection was limited.

Abertay Union
I wasn't sure whether or not to include my former student union as it wasn't known for throwing raucous night outs (tumbleweed was a regular joke) but I always stuck up for it as a good place to go for some causal drinks, play some pool or get some pre-drinks. But one of the negative points is that you need to either be an Abertay student or accompanied by one.

Deja Vu 
It has a dodgy reputation with its customers either being 1) underage or 2) over 40. I've only went once on a whim with some mates and we did enjoy ourselves, despite very few people believing us. It was large with two floors and a cheesy music policy (albeit cheesy music from before I was born). A few of the Dundonians I met at university gave me stories of their underage escapades to this club haha, which probably assists it reputation problem loads.

Situated beside the bus station (and sharing a building with Kage) is the most well-known gay bar in Dundee. I've only been here twice, once for a birthday and the other time for Eurovision, as I generally disliked the custom beat of music they played throughout all songs making everything R&B-ish (maybe they don't do this all the time but they did on my two grand total visits).

Private Eyes
A strip bar. Which I have been in once (with guy friends, all girls need to accompanied by male). I wanted to know what a strip club was like and this one was dark and creepy.

If you're familiar with Dundee, what nightclubs are your favourite?

morag | mo adore
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