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27 January 2014

Tag: a recipe for me

I recently got tagged by the stupendulous Hayley of Water Painted Dreams to do the 'recipe for me' tag. What this asks is that you create a list of all the ingredients that would be essential in creating you, and well it is pretty cute tag! Does depend on how cute the person is though...

Every song Feeder ever released (but if you can only find one song make it Insonmia)

These guys wouldn't go a miss either

I started watching this when I was 13 and have continued this mild obsession into my current age.

Lots of food grown straight out the ground!

The hope for a world wide ban on cosmetic testing.

A couple of glasses of this

A sack of feminism (and equality in general, but with a focus on feminism)

An extensive knowledge of 90's and early noughties pop culture

and throw it all together in some dingey rock club with sticky floors before baking for 30 minutes.

As with all my tags I leave it open for anyone else who wants to write their own recipe as I can never pick anyone. ;)

Morag x

P.S None of these photos are my own, and if you spot yours you can contact me for credit or removal.

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