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3 years and a decade

Three years ago today I wrote my first blog post on mo'adore. There isn't much I can say on my blog's third birthday that I didn't say on its second but its always an occasion I like to mark. Something that has been on my mind lately is my online journey as a whole. I can't remember when exactly I published my first blog post ever but it was definitely in my third year of high school, which was late 2004 until early 2005, meaning my online footprint may well be passing its decade mark later this year. Which is just crazzzzy.

I don't want to one of those preachy long-timers of the blogging world who talks about the old days (because I really don't want to be) but it is so bizarre to think how blogging and being an 'internet whore' has progressed into a mainstream hobby (and even a legit job). When I wrote my very first post on MSN Spaces - and even when I spent ages 'coding' a new MySpace profile every two months, or adjusting my Livejournal user info so it was just right, or preferred to chat to people on message boards than my classmates - I never imagined that I would get free hair products, or would attend meet-ups or sit in a well know UK restaurant eating their winter menu ahead of everyone else just because I write some words on the internet that people liked to read.

Even before I started mo'adore the internet had already enriched my life in many ways, though I maybe didn't appreciate it until now. Looking back, my teenage years were not as turbulent as my hormones were making it out to be but the internet was first place I felt like 'me' and even as an adult I still manage to inadvertently make friends with other former MySpace kids. We all talk about the friends we've met at meet-ups but I still have online friendships that stretch back into 2007 from various message boards. I may never meet some of them (one of my longest running online friends is from Melbourne) but I still think how crazy it is that our chats across Twitter are still going strong. We all know Tashina from Logical Harmony as an award winning vegan/cruelty-free blogger these days but I can remember reading her blog back in 2008 before either of us were going down the animal-friendly life path.

I honestly don't think I'd be the same person today if my teenage years weren't spent having this geeky hobby that I never told anyone about and never spoke about when asked for my hobbies by my guidance teacher (when people asked what I did at the weekend I said 'nothing', I'd rather they thought I sat in a chair solidly all weekend than know I-wrote-words-on-the-internet). I can remember when it became 'common knowledge' I was a blogger amongst my friends (I was Instgramming my food haha) and now it's a well known fact that I write my feelings on the world wide web amongst people who only vaguely know me.

What I'm trying to say is: blogging, I love you.

Morag x

P.S. I did try and bake a new cake for this year but it came all out all mushy (mainly because I forgot to add the flour of all reasons) so we're being treated to a picture of last year's cake again. 
morag | mo adore
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