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31 March 2013

In This Week

1. Gaslight Anthem. 2. Before Gaslight Anthem. 
3. Before heading to Edinburgh. 4. Classy drink choice.

Hey y'all! How has our final week of March been? Mine has been fairly eventful, which makes a change to my usual moaning each Sunday! The start of the week I attended one of the best gigs of my life, whereas the end of the week I made a impromptu trip across to Edinburgh for a much-needed catch-up with some girls, and a guy! The night out ended up being a bit of a shambles (thanks for the computer fail Bank of Scotland!) but at least I can say I took a rickshaw at 2am because we couldn't find a taxi.  

It's also set in stone this week that I now have a second job! I'm very excited but can't quite share yet until I've had my training but it is beauty related and I'm looking really forward to this new chapter in my life! ♥

I also cut some layers into my hair and I am already wanting them to grow back in. Hahhhh!


29 March 2013

The Linkables

Quote of the week: “The best way not to be creepy online is to treat every female on the Internet like she’s your sister … unless you’re into incest, then you should just stay off the Web altogether,” From how not to creep people out on social media.

Many other travelly types think this is odd but somewhere I'd really like to visit is Portland, and Gala's trip is giving me the wanderlust.

Speaking of travel, I'm pretty terrible at packing but Rosie seems to have done an amazing job at her Paris packing.

All true travelers know this but here is how to not look a tourist on holiday. Major love for the Magaluf comment!

Paula went veggie for a week and being she's a blogger she wrote a post on it.

Flaky people make my head hurt and Alex has provided advice on how to handle flaky friends.

I'm so not a chick flick girl so loved Jayne's film choice for an alternative girls' night in.

If, unlike me, you get the whole Easter weekend off and, also unlike me, live in London then check out JJ's guide on what to do!

The Big Blog Exchange is about bloggers exchanging lives with other bloggers. And you can vote for me to be one of the selected bloggers here.


27 March 2013

Soap & Glory Bubble Time Gift Set

Just like every other beauty blogger and their aunt I received a lot of Soap & Glory in my Christmas stocking. The Bubble Time gift set was however a late one as my mum spotted it in the sale on her way down to Glasgow. 

This set isn't listed on the Soap & Glory website so I will assume it was discontinued after the festive period, however I chose to keep the products review together as I have pretty similar thing to say about both the Smoothie Body Milk and Rich & Foamous Body Wash. Both have the 'almonds, oats and sugar' scent that quite a few of the other products in the S&G range have. 

Which is the first thing I'll discuss! The smell! I really liked the smell when I opened the bottles and had a whiff however after using them and passing the smell onto my skin I wasn't as much of a fan. I really like the smell of rolled oat cookies (which is what it reminded me of) however I personally don't want to smell like a cookie myself. You know? I have known other beauty bloggers who have raved about the smell but I just can't. It's a great smell for food but not for me.

And now I got that general statement out the way, let's move onto the individual products.

I love a good foamy shower gel - it's pretty much a running theme in my favouriote shower gels. However my caption probably hints that I think the name Rich & Foamous is a bit far-fetched. It does foam but no more than your average shower gel, and I was pouting in my shower slightly as I thought I was going to get an out-of-control foam. 

And back to the smell (I really am an old woman tonight) with the shower gel it doesn't hover on the skin. Your shower will smell like a post-baking kitchen but the scent won't linger on the skin. I do however always feel really refreshed when I use this, and despite my annoyances with the smell it is the one I find myself reaching for most regularly. 

The Smoothie Star Body Milk is a product I had my eye on for a while as I thought the idea of a body milk sounded so luxurious, and let me tell you it was! It always comes out the bottle feeling really cold and the lotion is really smooth. It is very thin however so I still use a dedicate foot & hand cream on my feet which may mean if you have dry skin this may not work for you (my skin seems to have a lot of natural moisture). 

But the smell (I am a fuss-spot when it comes to scents!) this time does linger on the skin. Not all day but definitely for a while. So if like me you don't want to smell like a cookie then you might also want to avoid. 

Overall I did like the The Smoothie Star Body Milk and Rich & Foamous Body Wash - they made my skin soft and definitely had a refreshing feel to them. However, despite everyone else's love for the scent, it just wasn't my cup of tea. If that kind of scent sounds up your street then go-ahead - they are two really good products! For me personally I will continue to use them  for long as I have them but will not look to repurchase as I am such a little scent snob! 

And as for the clock - it's a clock, tells the time. Review over. 


26 March 2013

The Gig Audit: Gaslight Anthem & Japandroids

As you may be aware from my array of tweets and instagrams last night I was at one of the two Glasgow dates for The Gaslight Anthem. And judging by the "OMG JEALOUS" responses I would say, yes, you were aware. 

Admittedly I am not a humongous fan of TGA, having only discovered them near the end of last summer. Please don't hit me you super-super-big-fans who never got tickets! I bought my ticket when I was still in a bit of high having discovered a new band I actually liked (my music taste is slightly stuck in 2004) but by the time the gig rolled around three months later they were slipping further and further down my Spotify starred playlist.

But I am so fucking glad I went.

Those guys can own a fucking stage. And their fans can own the fucking 02.

I'm a hard nugget to please when it comes to live performances. I roll my eyes at artists that lipsync and believe a good guitar riff mean little if you don't have this thing called stage presence. But The Gaslight Anthem more than lived up to my standards. They have stage presence, the lead singer sounds like he does on the records, they get on with the music instead of pissing about with prissy props, and they like a good bit of crowd interaction. And good crowd interactions, such as Dave Grohl impressions and discussing Instagram. Not 'HELLO GLASGOWWWW'.

Oh and the bit when I mentioned their fans can own a concert hall? If you do go see them and your ability to bruise is along the lines of that simile about the peach, I suggest you get a sitting ticket. I stood about four rows back center right, by the time it finished I was two rows back center left. And I lost count of how many crowd surfers there were. I believe the music made the sweat, cigarette breath and holding my phone in a very overly-protective manner worth it, but I know everyone else would agree.

They finished with Teenage Wasteland (okay, Baba O'Riley) and there is very few better feelings than hearing a song you've held as a favourite for years being sung all of three feet away. 

If you are a fan you should completely utterly definitely go to one of their live shows. I attended as a somewhat fan but list it as one of the best gigs I've ever attended.

And that support act?

I am terrible at checking who the support act will be prior to a gig. I can't remember a single gig where I knew who the support act was before they came on stage. I've even on occasion forgotten that concerts have support acts until I actually got there. 

So imagine my delight when I discover the support act was a band I already knew of? Japandroids were a band I discovered via Spotify around the turn of the year and I was even speaking to my friend about them whilst we were unknowingly waiting for them to come on. Know else seemed to know what was going on though. 

I will admit that sound really let these guys down. I love that you can hear the drums at a concert (the only instrument I've ever had any luck playing) but not when it overpowers the guitar and vocal chords. I was struggling to work out the lyrics, even though I knew the lyrics. 

Saying that they did reach my stage presence expectations. Plus they had a glittery blue drum kit, which is always good.

I did take videos which in due course should be up on my YouTube misc channel


24 March 2013

In This Week

Buffy the vampire slayer blog

Okay, so I have done a bit more this week than watch Buffy. But this weekend has been a pretty lazy one. I mean, have you witnessed the freeze? I went out to do a Tesco shop and that was me for the two days!

Though my week at work was pretty full-on so I think my lazy weekend was justified. I mentioned last Sunday that I was heading to my first exhibition - which really turned out not to be an exhibition but more about watching several presentations in a row. Though it was held in the Emirates Stadium and we had lunch in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, which was certainly exciting. I never realised quite how steep those curves are! 

Aside from Buffy I've been pretty glued to TV recently. I've not really been much of a TV person since I discovered the internet circa 2004 but for some reason I've recently been hooked to watching Will & Grace, Buffy, The Vampire Diaries and Sex & The City. I'm telling myself that this is to do with my new years resolutions of tying up lose ends (I claim that Buffy and SATC are faves of mine but yet I haven't seen every episode?) but it's maybe due to a lack of a social life right now! Booo!


23 March 2013

Lunch at Fratelli Starti

Fratelli Starti

Last Saturday my friend was through in Glasgow and we arranged a wee catch-up over lunch. I'm not overly familiar with the Glaswegian city centre lunch scene but my flatmate had recommended Cup, however there was a queue at the door so we headed across Fratelli Starti, an Italian looking place just diagonally across. 

When we first walked in my friend said "this looks quirky" and it certainly did have a vintage Italian look to it, with loads of well thought-out clutter decorating the sides. We were placed in the second room where there were only two other tables occupied.

I'm fairly regular at Italian restaurants so for me there wasn't anything particularly new or exciting, however the menu was rather large and there was no dilemma for me as a vegetarian (Italian restaurants rarely cause that though). My friend eats meat and she was there for ages though! Certainly a lot to choose from, even if it was a fairly typical mid-budget Italian restaurant menu. 

Something I will give this place a 5 star rating for is its customer service. The staff were professionally polite, came over at just the correct time, food was made quickly and even though the person who brought our food was different from the person who took our order, he knew which place to put it down at. As a former waitress I know how difficult it is get these little details right and keep a smiling face when on your feet so I really appreciate a restaurant who will go to this lengths. We also got complimentary olives at our table. 

Overall I'd say it was a typical Italian restaurant good for a lunch at about £7-£12 for a main course. The price I paid felt correct for the food and service I received. I wouldn't say this was a special occasion place though - can't say I'd be blown away if someone took me here for a first date. But for a good lunch catch-up with a friend I thought it was just the place!


22 March 2013

The Linkables

I've been ultra busy this week so haven't had as much time to gather any links. But here are a few anyway.

I mentioned in my why I am a feminist post that I had an ex who highly believed I should take his last name. This post retaliates all the common arguments as to why women should.

Whilst I am not the utmost grammar Nazi, I disagree that these 10 spelling mistakes are easy to make. To put it bluntly, unless English isn't your first language or you have a learning difficulty, you should understand there, their and they're.

I'm certainly not going to stop buying loads of make-up and clothes but I'd like to make sure I at least do it ethically so Louise's review of Love The Planet Washing Cleansing Pads made me smile!

If you didn't know Will & Grace is being aired on E4 again. I've been watching for the first time ever and I am hooked. Literally howling at so many scenes!

Finally, this is more of a marketing link but if you like fun and fiesty females then you may also lobe The Middle Finger Project.


21 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Bye Bye Weight Gain

A few Thursdays ago I mentioned I was on a health kick and I was feeling great. This week I took a look at myself in the mirror and realised I was looking great (okay exaggeration, lets not get too egocentric!). 

I'm going to add a disclaimer before I startand say I am thoroughly aware that I am not overweight and have a body that the media tells me is correct (slim but still have boobies). I have been happy with my body for most of my life and have never toyed with the idea of cosmetic surgery. But a few months ago I noticed my body change.

Starting the 9-5 meant I began snacking at my desk and sharing nibbles with co-workers. It also meant I had little time to exercise - a run every Saturday doesn't exactly rival my training and rehearsals during my time with Abertay Dance. Looking back at photos from a year ago I could see a difference, not just in my body but also around my face and I put that down to some more puppy fat in the cheeks (plus I've become anal about the start of my eyebrow lining up with my tear duct). 

My weight gain wasn't obvious to anyone else but I was noticing clothes fitted differently and I just didn't feel great anymore. If I carried on, my extra pounds would multiply and become noticeable. 

I've cut out sweets and started bringing my own lunch to work every freaking day. I've also started making smoothies every morning to keep me full (blueberries, banana, raspberries, almond milk and oats keep a stomach grumble-free!) and became very accustomed to having a glass of water beside me at work. Though I still have a can of Relentless daily (I can't function otherwise) and a long day still calls for some flavoured vodka (YOLO and that). 

To the loss of puppy fat! And a salad!


18 March 2013

Arbonne Make-Up Primer

I've been aware for so long that primer should be an essential part of a make-up routine. However I have never had amazing luck with them. I really liked That Gal by Benefit but whilst it brightened my skin I don't think it made my make-up last any longer and then Benefit entered China anyway. I also tried an Avon primer and hated it (like most Avon products). I also review the MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Facebase in the summer which was alright but I stand by my word that it was probably more suited to dry skin. 

So when I was given the Arbonne make-up primer to try recently I was slightly cynical. But oh boy was I proved wrong. This added a thin matte layer to skin after application which does feel dry and reminded me slightly of the Avon primer. But after my foundation was applied on top (which right now is No7) you would have never realised there was anything between that and skin (unlike the Avon primer). The No7 beautiful Matte foundation I'm using right now doesn't have the awesomest staying power ever (especially since I tend to touch my face an lot). However this also helped my foundation not budge throughout my working day. I'd still reapply for a night out as let's be honest my make-up will still rub off a bit. But I was extremely happy with this product after trying so many duff primers. 

Completely recommended!


N.B. I was give this primer to try free of charge. It wasn't for blog purposes but because I have been approached about becoming an Independence Consultant for Arbonne and I thought it was still important to state this. My opinion is still the same. 

17 March 2013

In This Week

I've been lying in bed most of the day with a grouchy headache as the upstairs neighbours had a drum and bass party last night (including jumping in time with the music - were they having a midnight exercise class?) so this is likely to be a quick one before I head down stairs to make tomorrow's work lunch.

Next week will see me attend my first corporate event on behalf of my work so I headed into town to pick up some 'smarter' pieces for my wardrobe. I already own a burgundy business dress but picked up a structured and neutral coloured bag from Primark as well as a new non-ratty looking purse and two pairs of shoes. The black ones with the lace detail are designed for next week but in light of a lot of my ballet pumps falling apart I decided to treat myself to two pairs - the other being the rubbery material we're seeing, which will I'm hoping equal waterproof (hurry up Spring!). I also sent out an Instagram last night of my new jumper/shirt combo which I absolutely love (£10 in the New Look sale) which I'm planning to show off at work tomorrow (but again, just in the office - don't know if I'll yield any clients with a cartoon dog on my chest!). 

16 March 2013

Is Topshop make-up cruelty free?

When it comes to living the cruelty-free lifestyle one of the hardest parts is knowing who tests and who doesn't. Occasionally it's easy (they sell in China) but sometimes it is hard (they have a parent company) and it makes me pout.

I have for some time on my brand list kept a list of brands who I just can't work out. This list could also be called 'I believe they do but can't find the absolute proof'. And I generally just leave it at that.

However I want to throw the issue of TopShop make-up out there. The reason is because I keep seeing them reviewed on cruelty-free beauty blogs and it has began to bug me. I've never blindly taken the findings of other cruelty-free bloggers without looking into it myself - not since discovering Benefit sold in China the day after purchasing their They're Real mascara. So I don't want to take this blogger approved stance as the final word (sorry!).

*clears throat and presents findings*

The TopShop website has a ship to China option, though it is possible to work around animal-testing if it's a finished product but this is still China we're talking about. I also can't tell if make-up can be shipped to China or if it is certain products only. It has been reported that Topshop is set to open a store in Hong Kong but Hong Kong has a different political system though what their animal testing stance is remains unknown to me. However even if HK doesn't upkeep this ridiculous law is this store opening the beginning of a big Topshop expansion across China? I also can't find in the news reports if this flag-ship store will contain make-up or just clothes.

You see where I'm getting confused?

The reason I am posting this is to get a real discussion on Topshop and China on the go and finally answer this question. The presence of Topshop cosmetics on cruelty-free beauty blogs indicates that maybe I have missed something. It might be something big that I was stupid not to spot or it might be something so small only someone who has a PhD in the topic would know.

I also keep reading rave reviews and really want to know if it's safe to join the blogger hype.



15 March 2013

The Linkables

Next edition to my flat me thinks. Via this Etsy store. 

First off, my long-term Twitter friend Amanda has launched her own cruelty-free beauty blog called The Bunny Beautiful! Head on over y'all!

It's now habit to prepare lunch for the next day at work and I think this spinach hummus wrap will get added to the menu at some point.

I usually whip out my DLSR without a second though but if you wish to take more care then here are some tips on photographing food in public.

Lynne was recently asked to trial an app and found some great Glasgow gems in the process.

I'm yet to find the perfect colour corrector but this review of Stila's attempt has me intrigued.

Beautiful homewares alert!

You know when you hear a great song but never worked out who it was and it bugs you? I had that but then thankfully blog world came to my rescue and informed me of who wrote this beautiful music!


14 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday: European Living!

A sreenshot of the first slide for my mini-dissertation presentation in third year. 
Got myself an A - and enjoyed doing it *shifts eyes* 
(Obviously didn't spot my spelling mistake!)

This week the EU ban on animal testing came into force. When it was announced I wrote about my favourite points about being a cruelty-free individual. However in light of the ban coming into place I've decided to run through my other fav things about living on this continent (despite occasionally having the desire to move down under or significantly further west). 

I have a geeky interest in the EU. Okay, if I lived in Canada I might study the North American Free Trade Agreement, but I live in an EU state and being a former International Management student I have my impressive bank of knowledge ready to take on anyone who argues with me. 

I can travel to a wealth of foreign places minus a visa. I have been to most of Western Europe and my family aren't even spankingly rich. Because we don't need visas to travel in and out of most of Europe it means travelling is a hella of a lot cheaper for us Europeans than, say, New Zealanders (talk about back of beyond!).

We're freaking liberal. It's very possible that Australisia beats us to it, but let's not study that. I am very proud that we have set the world a standard on banning animal testing but I also really love how liberal we are generally. I do realise that Eastern Europe still has its conservative pockets but because of a shared government economically we have shared policies, most of which are forward-thinking.

We're slap bang in the middle of the map. Something I didn't like about growing up in Aberdeen was that it was the second most northern city of the UK. And I said earlier that I think New Zealand is the back of beyond. So yeah I have a weird thing about thinking cities that are far away from other cities are isolated, despite hundred of people. GMT+0 runs straight through Europe and helps me feel, well, not in the middle of nowhere. 

Eurovision. You know how some people plan Christmas presents in September? Well I begin planning my annual Eurovision party in February. I already know which country I want to be. ;) 


11 March 2013

The Body Shop Camomile Eye Make-up Remover

I'll admit here and now that I am not a big fan of The Body Shop. There have been several of their products that I have stopped using before finishing because they really were that bad. However, unlike make-up, cruelty-free toiletries aren't the easiest to come by so when I need to replace shampoo/soap/deodorant and don't have time to research/order online I'll usually head to my nearest Body Shop.

I hadn't used make-up remover in ages but I had began using a mascara that was pretty hard to budge with just water (I'm not naming it because I picked it up thinking it was cruelty-free when it wasn't - no free advertising here!) so I needed something stronger. 

For the purpose of review - this is what I consider a blob 

Like a lot of Body Shop products I will say this was okay. I would usually need to use three blobs of the stuff to get rid of my daily make-up (maybe five if I was in my full going out face) but would still wake up with some more smudged mascara along my lash line. So would use one more blob in the morning before doing that days make-up. 

However I do have a pretty negative thing to say about this which didn't bother me much but might bother you! It says soothing camomile however I found this could make the skin around my eyes feel stingy. I don't have particularly sensitive skin so this means two things 1) the stingyness went away quickly and didn't leave any redness/puffiness but it also means 2) if it managed to make my skin sting a small bit than that really is quite worrying. If you do have sensitive skin than I would advice you to stray well clear. 

My overall opinions is...meh! I like it enough that I will continue to endure a bit of a prickly feeling on my skin  and finish the bottle I have however after finishing it I plan to hunt out another cruelty-free make-up remover that doesn't sting at all and properly removes my make-up. But I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin. At all. 


N.B. The Body Shop is cruelty-free but is owned by L'Oreal, who are not.

10 March 2013

In This Week

This was the first weekend in a while where I did nothing. Okay, so maybe not nothing because I am an adult now and washing and food shopping needs to be done. But I did allow myself a lie in. 

One of my favourite features of my flat is the big window in my bedroom. During the week it is just a window, but come the weekend it becomes a beautiful feature of a Sunday lie in. I love how big it is, that it looks out onto some grass and is paralleled to my bed. Lying in bed and seeing whatever weather it is that day (as long as it isn't rain) is so beautiful. I can either admire snow but be grateful I'm inside or sit on the large accompanying windowsill basking in the sun like a cat.

Aside from that, the most exciting thing that happened this week was me and my flatmate buying a rug for the living room. Rock and roll and all that.  


9 March 2013

Why I am a feminist: a memoir!

In light of yesterday being International Women's Day I've decided to break away from fashion, beauty and my normal ramblings to bring forward one of my political view points: feminism. I don't tend to talk about my political leanings on my blog (okay, so I'm blatantly into animal rights) but if you follow me on Twitter you'll be more than aware that I am feminist. 

Woo! yay! Feminism! Didn't that die out a while ago? Don't women get equal pay? Yawwwwnnnnn...

Today I am going to share with you a few experiences I've had that let me to believe that genders are not equal and become the feminist I am today. Go get a cuppa - it's a long one. 

I had a stay at home dad and a working mother
Judging by some of the reactions I've received I might as well have said my parents raped me in a broom cupboard and let the family dog shit on me. Even recently it was 'questioned' why my mum has a bigger car than my dad! Have we really not moved on enough as a society that a wife can't have a bigger car than her husband? Or god forbid a man can't raise a child? Or a daughter doesn't need to go alone to an after-school dance class because 'only mums are allowed'?

I don't want children
Again the reactions. From people who 'know better'. Those who have kids and just cannot understand that it is not for everyone. All women want children? I don't. I don't even like children to the point where I feel uncomfortable around them. Yes, I am a 'baby hater'. Let a women decide for herself what to do with her own womb, and guys, stop telling me about how well you treat your niece to get in my knickers - not all women like/want them. 

One of my exes insisted I use his surname and the Mrs title (if we were to marry)
Did you choke on your coffee at that one? I really hope you did, though it's still quite common for the expectation that a woman will take her man's name, so maybe you didn't. If you want to take your husband's name you can though I'm not sure why anyone would want a name that implies they belong to someone else. But if a women wants to keep her name then it should be end of story. It's her name! I was told I needed to take his name and would need to drop the 'Ms' prefix I began using long before meeting him if we were to marry. But apparently if I received a Doctorate it would solve the problem as I was allowed to be a Dr. (I really do wish I was making this up)

I know what it is like to have a guy be possessive and act like they own you
And this guy didn't even date me. This was a guy who developed unrequited crush on me and decided that meant that no other man should be let near me ever. Que starting rumours we're together, giving evil eyes to every guy I have actually dated, going in huff when a guy at a bar successfully wins my attention and standing next to me in photos, leaning his head into me then cropping it to use as his profile picture. Imagining how possessive this guy could get if someone did agree to be his girlfriend? 

Jealous boyfriends are rampant (also known as emotional abuse)
I know girls who aren't allowed out in short skirts. I know girls who don't accept friend's requests from males their boyfriend isn't familiar with. I have known someone who had a male colleague drop her off down the road so her husband wouldn't think they were having an affair. Does your batshitcrazy partner do this to you? You can call it jealousy all you want but anything that makes you feel you have to alter your behaviour to please a man is emotional abuse. And you deserve better. This goes for guys too - if you're girlfriend/boyfriend does any of the above GET OUT!

Apparently men who have no style can insist women should
I couldn't give two shits if someone is well-groomed or scruffy. But apparently a lot of scruffy men think all women should be well groomed. I'm thinking of some men I know as I write this. 

Crossing the road to avoid wolf-whistling 
Wolf-whistling is one thing, but when I alter my path to try and avoid it then that's another thing. Why should I feel the need to cross a street when I see some drunk males because I know what is about to fucking happen? I shouldn't, that's what. But I do, because it makes me feel safer. Reality of the UK in 2013.  

I'm a slut
Whilst I am not going to divulge how many notches there are on my bedpost I will say that I have been single since late 2010 and that is quite some time to go without any f******. Who a man or woman choose to share their genitalia with is no one else's business but their own and their shouldn't be any stud or slut double standard. And the best part? I've been told several time I "don't look like a slut".

My favourite club in Dundee is my favourite because I feel safe in it
Okay so it also plays obscure guitar based music and has cheap entry. But unlike Liquid, Fat Sams, Dundee Union or Underground I've never had a creepy encounter with a guy. I've had encounters with guys but if it's a no they understand and they grasp that offering to buy me a drink works better than groping me. If you want a grope free night out (and £4 entry!) then head to Kage! 


8 March 2013

The Linkables

The newest edition to my fancy dress bucket list (which does really exist)

Today is International Women's Day and Sara has a great memoir of why it is still essential! As a side note I am planning to write my own reflection tomorrow on life events that have led me to become a feminist.

To-make: homemade cleaning recipes.

Lou took up running at the weekend - welcome to the club!

I link A Beautiful Mess all the time and I'm adding their cucumber margarita recipe to the bunch!

Sometimes we really need to say sorry to our bodies.

I have spoken about how I regret finishing my degree but I certainly don't think business degrees are a waste of time. It just wasn't right for me.

If you love strawberry patterned things Jess has the round-up for you!

I love Leanne's story on living with an underbite. I hope your operation goes well!

I am terrible at deciding which beauty products to take on a trip but Victoria has given me some inspiration.

Hopefully Vicki's pizza dough recipe will be 'the one' for me.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


7 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Moving about & a life spent on trains

Last weekend I was in Dundee seeing in a friend's birthday. The weekend before that I was in Edinburgh at the Valentine's Blogger meet-up. I would also be in Edinburgh this weekend and Dundee again the next if funds would permit it. But after next payday I intend to be Aberdeen for Easter weekend. So yeah, me and ScotRail are pretty pally. 

The things is, whilst I make jokes about this and at times it can be mega stressful I love that I have an excuse to be familiar with so many of the Scottish cities. I love travelling and for the time being I'm certainly not going to be earning enough to go anywhere exotic so exploring my home country is pretty much all I got right now. 

Plus, I get bored easily and my feet can itch like hell quickly too. Each to their own but I could never be one of those types who buys a house just two streets over from their childhood home. Moving about keeps things fun and fresh for my short attention span. 

Being on a train every week and splitting a life between four different cities certainly isn't for everyone but it is for me and I wouldn't have it any other way. ♥


4 March 2013

Lush Big Solid Conditioner

I mentioned some time ago that I was experimenting with solid shampoos and conditioners so that if I ever found myself jaunting off to Africa again I would be prepared with a non-leaking shampoo for my rucksack that was still good for my hair. 

I picked up the Lush Big Solid Shampoo when I was in Lush spending my birthday voucher. I was drawn to this one because of the name (my biggest hair gripe is that it is flat) and because it smelt of coconut. The only other solid conditioner I've experimented with has been the Jungle conditioner, so my opinion is more comparison of the two. 

I did however much prefer the Big conditioner. Something I found weird about the Jungle conditioner was that it wouldn't cream up in my hands and was almost like a very thin vial of liquid. Big did however froth up like your regular non-solid conditioner. Okay it was a bit thinner but it still just felt a lot more like conditioner than I had expected. 

As for the effects on my hair I was also impressed. My hair was left soft and lively. Not saying this was the best post-shower hair I've ever had but it was certainly impressive compared to my previous experience of solid conditioners. 

The only negative thing I had to say was how quickly disappeared. I was foolish and didn't keep it in a tin or Tupperware box so my experience of it disintegrating with two weeks might not be true for the smarter amongst us. But the Jungle conditioner did do me about a month and it was kept loosely in a shower as well as carted about Scotland with me as I made my big move. 

Overall, this isn't going to become my everyday go-to conditioner however when it comes to finding the perfect travel conditioner this may well be it as I was impressed enough with it not to have tried any more since. Now I just have hunt out a good solid shampoo in time for my next exotic adventure. 


3 March 2013

In This Week

If you follow me on Twitter you've probably realised that I've spent most of today severely hungover. It was a close friend's birthday last night and I made the trip over to Dundee to see it in. We ended up in that well-known Dundee nightclub Fat Sams but strictly on the third floor for the 80's and 90's cheese. Between a bottle of wine, some Morgan's and coke as well as some chavy VKs, it's no surprise I didn't get up until afternoon and one of the few things I recall was moaning that Savage Garden hadn't been played at the pre-party, the nightlub or after-party. Oh well... 

How was your weekend?


2 March 2013

Month in Review: February

February has been a busy month with two trips across the country and lots of adult stuff to sort out. Needless to say this has left little time or money for my 2013 goals. However I did move further on with some of my free resolutions.

My marketing portfolio/blog/beginning of freelance career is picking up as I now have four fortnightly blog post live since the beginning of the year and know exactly how I want my website to look. Admittedly this will be new learning how to code a Wordpress theme from scratch but after years of trying to decide on a design having my brain wave this month means I can now get started on what will months and months of a new challenge.  

I've also been doing a lot more French and continuing to add money to that tattoo fund. Also my tragus is coming to the end of its initial healing period so I predict a new piercing in the not distance future (I'm thinking forward helix on my opposite ear).

Oh and it's Spring now! Yayyyyyy!


1 March 2013

The Linkables

Truthfully, I regularly feel like this about my Things I Love Thursdays series: honesty and openess in an online world

I can't say I'm a whiskey girl and honey is a non-vegan good I've successfully given up but whiskey lemonade with honey sounds like the perfect summer drink. 

Danielle's memo on what home is, is absolutely lovely. 

If you have a friend expecting here is some good Mother's Day gifts for mums-to-be

Charlie agrees with me that MeMeMe Facebase is a very underrated primer

NOM NOM NOM! Five layered cookie cakes