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The Gig Audit: Nickelback & Skillet

Just over a week ago I landed myself a free ticket to the Nickelback concert in Glasgow. I only got to go because my friend's friend pulled out and I was given the spare ticket but I pair a lot of Nickelback songs with certain memories from my pre-twenties days.

There was all the classics such as Rockstar, Photograph (an all-time fav), Gotta Be Somebody, How You Rewind Me and then some more I hadn't heard of (I'm not a super-fan okay?).

And they also played Far Away, as the perfect accompaniment to this...

Because if you're going to get someone else to propose for you it might as well be Chad Kroeger (and your sister).

(Katie said yes btw)

And then the Daniel Adair did a solo on the drums...

And much props to their support act Skillet. I had never heard of them before but apparently they had a really famous song in The Transformers (which I've never seen, cause I'm uncool) but they delivered a really impressive set. Operatic metal (or Christian Rock as their Wikipedia goes with, but I'm sticking with the metal/opera hybrid) isn't really the kind of thing I'd jam about my bedroom to but with that much energy and stage presence I'm not complaining. If you're a fan - even a minor one - I'd say put seeing them live on your bucket list.

Also: I leaned that Chad Kroeger looks different in real life. And doesn't really have much of an accent.

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