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In This Week

My face // Chili and mango martini // candy floss cocktail // some babes // lift picture // goats chese salad // pumpkin pasta // Christmas pudding // a day watching Sabrina // craft materials // home-made Christmas card // some new make-up purchases
Sorry for all the Instagram spam this week; it's just been a bit busy. I've already mentioned that I attended the blogger meet-up on Tuesday and as you can see I loved quite a lot of the cocktails on offer. Then on Thursday it was my Christmas work night out which was held at The National Piping Centre where we had a meal, plenty of drinks and a ceilidh afterwards. Needless to say work the next day was hard for most of us in the office. 

If you spotted the weather yesterday you might not be surprised to know I had a very unproductive day watching Sabrina. I'm now at the end of Season 5 and more and more episodes I don't recognise are popping up. Today I decided to run Saturday's errands which were buying craft materials to make my hand-made Christmas cards. I started doing handmade cards last year and everyone loved them (mainly for the thought, not because I carry any particular crafting talent) so I decided to make it a proper yearly tradition. I started on the ones for the sales team this weekend as I still have more time for my family. One had joked that he wanted a 3D card so I created one where the snowflakes pop out (he probably wasn't even being serious). I also made a half Christmas card half leaving card for someone at work but it's really personalised so don't want to risk him seeing it before work tomorrow. 

Hope you had a lovely week doing loads of Christmassy stuff. 

morag | mo adore
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