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1 December 2013

In This Week

Nickelback ticket // Chad Kroeger // New laptop // Mop shampoo and conditioner // advent calender // Salem and Paula Abdul

This Sunday I am now blogging from my new laptop. I've been living off a netbook for well over a year now and my parents decided to grant generosity to buy me a good laptop for my birthday so I could blog/edit videos/not have to phone them asking me to do stuff. It's been so nice to finally retire my netbook though I think it is really impressive how well that thing did for over four years. I can't wait to get onto re-designing my blog and actually get properly into YouTube (the lack of a laptop strong enough to edit on has pretty been the reason why all vlogs have happened in Aberdeenshire). 

The other exciting part of my week is that on Tuesday I got to go along and see Nickelback live in Glasgow. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan however quite a few of their songs bring back specific memories for me and I had that full on mushy feeling you get when you hear all-time favourite played live. Because I'm not a huge fan I didn't originally buy tickets but I hit luck when my friend had a spare ticket going and was allowing someone to have it for free! I'll give a proper write up soon but I'll give them a thumbs up just for now. 

Aside from that I headed into town this weekend for some payday/Christmas shopping. My present shopping is pretty much sorted (seeing as it's just my parents and Gran) and all I have to do now is buy cards and stuff to wrap it, though I was 'shopping around' for the perfect wrapping paper and reckon I'll head back to Paperchase soon to buy the tartan paper I spotted. I also picked my advent calender, a dairy free one from Holland and Barratt (which is also no nuts, made with 100% renewable energy, Fairtrade and Soil Association approved, yeah...). 

Lots of advent calender love! 



  1. Oh my gosh! Well done for almost being done with your christmas shopping! I've only bought one gift so far...! x

    1. Does help that I only have three people to buy for ;)


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