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Top 5: favourite countryside activities

For most of last week I spent my time up at my parents' house in Aberdeenshire. Whilst I do definitely love the hustle and bustle of a city, it is nice to get away from it all and return to the village I spent most of my upbringing in. I'd choose a city over countryside almost every time I am asked, but I am adamant that there is more to do there than get stuck behind a tractor, make friends with cows or look at fields. 

Go for a run without anyone seeing

I mentioned in my countryside living post when I was at my parents' house post-graduation (but pre-Glasgow) it was nice to go for a run or a bike ride without seeing a sole. Running though Glasgow Green does keep me disciplined about keeping up my pace because people-can-see-me. But it's nice to be able to put on a pair of joggers with whatever top I wore to be bed and go for a run, because the occasional dog walker isn't going to really care. 

Go for a drive

When booking my driving test, I went for the last test of the day so I wouldn't have to face the roundabouts and traffic lights of Aberdeen City and to this day I still haven't been anywhere closer to the city centre than the hospital. I don't have a car in Glasgow so one of the first things I'll do after waking up in the shire is go for a scoot about in the car in the place where traffic lights aren't known. 

Go for a spooky walk

If you're in the country you're bound to find an old creaky abandoned house somewhere. There's about three hovering on the outskirts of my village. One of them scares the begeebies out of me. It's not entirely boarded up, about a mile away from the closest village, has a mansion (ish) house nearby, surrounded by trees, an unkempt back garden, fields with farm animals in the surroundings and several other horror films cliches. If I felt the need to film some kind of Blair Witch Project knock-off it would be here...

Go for a regular walk

And breath in the clean air.

Look at the stars

Because you can actually see them out here. 

Do any of you live near countryside? What is your favourite thing to get up to?  
morag | mo adore
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