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Things I Love Thursdays: to 23!

This Sunday will be 23 years since I took my first breath on this planet. I don't want to dry the Blink 182 jokes out but What's My Age Again? is an all time favourite of mine. But when it came out just a few days before my ninth birthday (the song itself was released 14 years ago on Monday) I couldn't exactly imagine being in my early twenties. Even during my teenage/MySpace years when Blink 182 began cementing themselves in my personal music hall of fame (my, which has been running since 2006, ranks Blink as my 7th most listened to artist and WMAA? is my 15th most listened to song) the idea of being this grown up seemed ridiculous.

I've said before that I have preferred adult life thus far 95% more than being a teenager. But my 23rd birthday still brings up that "when the fuck did this happen?" feeling. I feel officially an adult now, and it seems as though my 22nd birthday was only a few months ago. I'm (almost) financially independent, have my own flat, pay council tax, have a full time job and (I like to think I) have a maturity level in line with my age.

There are people I went to school with who are married, and plenty more who are engaged. My own mother was married at 23, and in the spring of 2014 a baby will be popping up within my friends group. But I'm still making the cat jokes and living the Samantha Jones-eque life, though I'm definitely getting that pressure from society that I really should at least be actively looking. I'm still not in the mindset that happiness comes exclusively from marriage and kids, and I do wonder if that mindset isn't present yet, will it ever be?

I'm seeing in my birthday with a night out on the Saturday when I'll clock 23 at the stroke of midnight and then a meal on the Sunday. I'm still celebrating my change of age, and I'm not going to start hiding my year of birth on Facebook.

Despite what Mark Hoppus and Co say I'm going to enjoy 23 regardless if everyone hates me ;)

morag | mo adore
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