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In This Week

Starter at Las Iguanas // main at Las Iguanas // dessert at Las Iguanas // moonlight above Aberdeenshire // fajitas with my father // Christmas tree at my parents' house // face for Saturday night // Sabrina cures any hangover // goats cheese pizza at // Bier Halle 

Hey everyone, today is my 23rd birthday (or yesterday since I was too hungover to write on the real Sunday) and I also took this past week off work to go see my family before I returned to Glasgow for my party. Whilst up at my parents' house in Aberdeenshire I remained busy and got so much done (all my posts from last Thursday to this Wednesday have been scheduled, aside form this one, as well as working on a re-design) which was all productive in my eyes though maybe finishing season 3 of Buffy and randomly driving about the countryside in my wee Aberdeenshire car could be debatably a waste of time.

My mum has been away in Africa for a while now and on Saturday my dad headed on his plane to go meet her for a holiday in South Africa (and so she can take a break from volunteering) so I headed back to Glasgow on Friday (he's back on the 13th of December, so this is why the Christmas tree is up prematurely). For my birthday I had a night out on the Saturday where we predictably ended up in The Garage (we did think about going to The Flying Duck so we could get free toast) and on the Sunday headed to Bier Halle for some pizzas (after having spent the morning hungover watching Season 1 of Sabrina).

Lots of birthday love to you all! xx

morag | mo adore
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