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In This Week

some cake // Halloween costume pieces // Halloween costume // fake tatts I could get used to... // hungover Halloween face // greek salad

And welcome to November! This year has flown by, so much that one of my favourite annual events was celebrated over the weekend. I can't imagine myself never going out for Halloween. Maybe one day: when I'm 75. As you might know from the pictures I'm was the nurse (or porn star dressed as a nurse) from Blink 182's Enema of the State album cover. I was originally going to go as Marilyn Manson (the goth chat in this post didn't quite add with my final costume) but I left everything quite late notice and decided the nurse would be a much quicker attempt. Maybe 2014 will be my goth year ;)

Whilst in Edinburgh for Gillian's Halloween party I also met up with my other friend the next morning for a small catch up. We headed to a place called The Purple Pig where I ended up having the rather healthy hangover choice of a greek salad.

Sunday afternoon I caught the train up to Aberdeenshire as I have the week off work. I'm up here for the family part of my birthday before I head back to Glasgow to see in my 23rd birthday. And yes, as a big Blink 182 fan I will be milking that joke even more over the next week (I apologise in advanced). 

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween! 

morag | mo adore
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