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Aberdeenshire at twilight

As far as cities go I never thought much of Aberdeen itself, but over the years I've come to appreciate the beautiful countryside that surrounds it and believe - as far as countryside in Scotland goes - you would be hard pressed to beat it. I'm all cosey back in Glasgow now but on Wednesday the Aberdeenshire sky was looking beautiful and I headed out to have a walk round the outskirts of my village.

With November now underway it wasn't long before the sun got lower in the winter sky and the sun caused a great backdrop for photos behind silhouettes. 

I mentioned in one of my latest videos that there's a creepy old abandoned house south of my dwelling. Feeling adventurous I decided to give it a visit (still haven't been inside).

There's also a random stream right beside where I used to 'hang out' when I was 13. Far too cool.

And this random box:

It was certainly creeptastic down that end, so I headed back up before sundown properly came (and the nasty things arrived). Just as I met the houses I looked up and found this:

It was definitely soothing walking about the countryside. I spent most of teenage years inside as the more unruly teenagers ruled the streets, but now so many people I went to school with have moved on and when walking back through the houses I wondered if they even still lived in the houses I had recognised as theirs. And visions of being down at that stream when I was 14 came into my head, and thought about how much had changed. It's weird being here as I don't consider myself 'from' here (if anything I'm Dundonian, despite not being so in any logical sense of the word) and I no longer recognise anyone who walks about but even when I visited when I was 19 I'd run into several recognisable faces.

I'll finish with the bottom half of my outfit, which is very practical for walking about the countryside. Time to get back to the city.

 This post is as un-imageheavy as I could manage - all the photos from my walk are on my Flickr.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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