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Things I Love Thursday: the most perfect flat

Monday marked the one year anniversary of the day I received the keys to my Glaswegian abode. My duplex flat, with the balcony, the breakfast bar, open plan living room, en-suite and well-maintained building (let's ignore the noisy drum n base loving neighbors upstairs for this post).

Admittedly I have become very accustomed to living here, and I maybe don't have the same awe I had on the day I walked in. But I can still remember the moment the landlord contacted me on Gumtree and frantically phoning my parents in Australia over finances and then trying to work out how to get in the main door on the day of the flat viewing (certainly not going to get burgled here). It's only when someone new visits and I innocently ask if they'd like a tour that I remember how fucking swanky my pad is and get a bit of swag on.

I remember when I was roughly 15 I became obsessed with the various modern flats in Aberdeen with balconies (there were some near Cadonas that I had even looked up prices for, yup!) and became convinced that if I worked hard enough, I too would be able to live there. Obviously we all know that I now live about 4 hours south-west of Aberdeen, but when my mum visited for the first time she replied "well, you did always say you wanted to live somewhere with a balcony". Maybe your average fifteen year old isn't fanatical about real estate, but it was a moment I could talk to back to my former teenager self and say "you did it kiddo".

I might have had to live in a B&B for the first two weeks of my job, but it was well worth the wait. I love the hallway which is bigger that some people's bathrooms. I love that one wall of my living room is completely window. I love that I have an en-suite. I love that the bedrooms have frosted windows that open up so we can look down into the living room. I love that I don't have to sit up in my bed to look out of my bedroom window. I love that I am one river away from the city centre of Glasgow. I love the second entrance upstairs which people always think is a cupboard. I've even grown to love the creepy nursery downstairs which contains far too many horror movie cliches.

I also love that I don't want to kill the person I live with, because that can drive people out of the most beautiful of flats.

And I get it at a steal of a price (no money laundering here!).

morag | mo adore
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