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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

In This Week

Starter at The Village Curry House // Naans at The Village Curry House // Trip to Starbucks // vegan labelled salad at Starbucks // drinks at my great aunts // my friend Laura presenting // SECC and Hydro lit up at night // slouching in the creepy nursery // homemade sushi

These picture actually date back for the last fortnight. I seem to have shifted the coughing and spluttering part of my illness but my energy levels are still lack-lustre, and blogging after coming from work hasn't been the most attractive idea. Plus, the non-drowsy medicine never really work with me so I've been forced to taking the original stuff which knocks me right out haha!

Last weekend my parents were visiting (also explains the lack of blogging) and we headed to the The Village Curry House in Tradestone for dinner on the Friday. I'm probably going to blog about it in full (let's be honest I probably will) when I can actually do something without falling asleep, but I'll say now it was such a good choice of restaurant (need to thank the flatmate for that one!). We then headed down to Kilmarnock on Saturday to see some of my dad's side of the family and I ended up being handed multiple glasses of vodka and coke and the odd bottle of Millers by my great aunt in her 80's. Some people will always know how to party...

I was also in the West End during the week for a work event and had a lovely explore on the way back. I've never been up that way (I know, I know) and loved seeing what it had to offer. Even if it was raining, and it was dark and, erm, quite late (I'm constantly getting into trouble for my desire to always walk) I still got to see the Hydro lit up at night which was really beautiful. 

Hope you guys had a lovely week (or fortnight) and have had much more energy than me...

Lots of lit up at night Glasgow love! 

morag | mo adore
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