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Things i love thursdays: my life

Late summer could have been a better time time for me. Two of my great uncles died within a week of each other and whilst I never knew either particularly well I was worried for my Gran who now only has one living sibling from an original family of eleven. It also hit home how little time I may have left with my 93 year old grandmother who for the last four Chistmasses I've been convinced it will be her last one.

And not long before this I got the call that my dad was having a health scare. Which was cleared but shortly later he had to deal with the deaths of two uncles with only days inbetween. When I got the serious text asking if I was at home and able to phone, I genuinely believed it was that call I have been preparing for years about my Gran. 

As much as I love Glasgow, it was needless to say I wanted to be in Aberdeen giving out hugs. Thankfully I already had a week booked off work so it was up quickly afterwards, but I wasn't there when news broke which crushed a part of me. 

But within the last week I was given the opportunity to re-realise how lucky I am and just how amazing my life is. Within this past week I discovered a new city and made new friends when so many people my age only know their work friends or who they went to school with. Was at an amazing conference realising just how lucky I was to have such as amazing business opportunity at my feet and also hearing the amazing Katie Piper speak, which was just as inspirational as you might imagine. I applied for Commonwealth tickets and last night seen an all-time favourite band Wheatus play live, both cementing what an amazing city I live in. And my Wheatus ticket and a few of the Commonwealth games were booked solo, because while many people would say "fuck it, I won't go #needmorepals" (a hashtag I really have seen) I went "fuck it, I'll go myself #lifeistooshort". 

Things I Love Thursdays was started by Gala Darling years ago in order to practice gratitude for a positive mindset. Remember, happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the lights (yes, I did just quote Dumbledore, RIP Albus). 

To life. Because sometimes you're shit. But within even within the most horrendous times you come back and give me a reason to love you all over again. 


Much love and Harry Potter quotes. 

morag | mo adore
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