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Things I love thursdays: a good gig

I was going to write this post the night after the Alkaline Trio gig but I was hungover. And then I going to write it last night but I have some friends to meet. So I am writing it now and editing the date back to Thursday (shhhhh). 

It might surprise some people, but I have not been to that many gigs. Most bands don't come to Aberdeen, and even when they do the AECC is in an awkward location for buses and I grew-up outwith the city limits. And then I moved to Dundee and, well, no one tends to venture there.

But now I live in Glasgow which is, if acts bother with a Scottish venue, is where the gigs go (unless you're Alkaline Trio) and this was one of my main pulls for becoming a west coast 'hen' (I'm still an east coast quine at heart, promise).

However, I don't need to go to truckloads of gigs to realise that seeing one of your favourite bands in the flesh (that feeling as though 'wow you're actually real') and then having the lyrics of an all time favourite travel through your veins is like nothing on earth. Honestly the Gaslight Anthem covering Baby O'Reily as a closing piece? Words could not even describe it. And then there was all the Feeder songs, though closing with Just a Day was maybe still a highlight (I really do love you Feeder). 

I've been to more gigs this year than any other and I've decided to make a commitment to seeing more acts live as they pass through Glasgow. 

And part of that commitment is going to be putting on my big girl pants, stepping outside my comfort zone and accepting that sometimes no one wants to go with you. Right after I hit publish on this post I will be booking a Wheatus ticket for one, because I've ran out of people to ask and I've decided that missing out on seeing a band you love play live isn't worth it just because you'll have to play Nigel-nae-mates. (But yeah, if anyone else wants to join I wouldn't complain haha).

Because in one years time I am not going to give two shits that I went alone, all that will matter is that I was there and experienced the feelings of all feelings. ♥

morag | mo adore
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