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Things I love thursday: southside dwelling

Admittedly when I moved to Glasgow, it was the West End I was aiming for. I had been told by Glasgow familiars that it was popular with young people, you could get a beautiful flat for a good price if you were savvy, and that a vegan independent boutique loving hipster like me would love it (plus my work is there). 

But alas I found a beautiful well priced modern flat on the southside. 

And despite its open plan set-up, stairs and spare room I was still convinced I'd try to relocate back across the river and west a bit. 

But the southside has well and truly grown on me. It was a walk through it on a beautiful autumn evening last week (on the way to the post office - glamour alert) that let me soak up what a great location I really do live in. The southside does certainly get a bad rep with the Govans and Ibroxes of the world, but that fuels my love as I've always been a supporter of underdogs and hidden gems (I'm looking at you Dundee). Plus, a true hipster doesn't love the obvious hipster places (I kid, I kid, sort of). 

Within a short distance of my flat I have Springfield Quay and my favorite gig venue the 02 Academy Glasgow. Then a bit further but still within walking distance is the beautiful (and tall!) Queens Park and my local Asian food shop (because Tesco is just too mainstream, though there is a Tesco super close to me). I'm close enough to the city centre on the other side of the river without being right within it and getting woken up my drunk people. And within a 25 minute walk I can be at work, which is across the water and near a certain exhibition centre. 

I guess I'm now a fully fledged southside girl

Lots of southside love!

morag | mo adore
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