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The Gig Audit: Wheatus

As mentioned, last week I headed along to King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (who even came up with that name?) to see the beauty that is Wheatus live and get my vocal cords moving for 'listen to Iron Maiden baby with meeeeee'.

Obviously we should all know those lyrics (yes?) from an early noughties anthem but when I told most people I was going I found that not many people knew they had any other songs. Not even A Little Respect which had Britney Murphy in the video (I mean, I know Teenage Dirtbag had the American Pie cast in it but Ms Murphy should never go unnoticed). I admittedly hadn't paid enough attention to know they had a 2013 album release which was a slightly different sound (the lead singer is the only originally member left so figures) but it still went down well with me (Lemonade is a personal favourite).

They brought along three support acts (which I'll touch on later) which left Wheatus to play for an hour. The best part of their performance is that the first half hour they played what the audience shouted out for, which included a track for their first album I can't/couldn't even name and tracks from their new album. Then the last half hour they moved into their own playlist - which included their own rendition of What Make You Beautiful (in case YouTube hasn't informed you, One Direction covered Teenager Direction and the internet didn't like it) which was awesome and then covered Basket Case, which was even more awesome, since I haven't managed to see Green Day live, as of yet.  Then they closed with you guessed it, Teenage Dirtbag (with a rap in the middle!).

Whilst the support acts were playing, Wheatus themselves managed their merchandise table. Yes, themselves; doing some non-musician work. King Tuts is a small venue so not sure if this is the standard procedure (but let's be real, can we imagine One Direction managing their own merch table?). It took me a while to spot Brendan (he's a pretty short guy) and whilst I was too scared to go over alone and wouldn't have bought any merchandise anyway (despite my love of music I never really got into band t-shirts even as a MySpace kid) he was taking pictures with fans and signing autographs and having chats. And then he watched the supports acts within the general audience. Despite not speaking one on one, he came across a as genuinely down-to-earth dude (he did walk pretty close in front me, and I got starstruck).

He's also kind of sexy in real life, but probably more because of the guitar and musician thing...

And it shows how great the fan base is that it can't be a security problem for them to stand with the crowd (I genuinely thought "imagine what would happen if 1D manned their own table?").

Support acts

Whilst I was entering the building the first support act Ventura Project, were already playing and then we had some solo songs from the Wheatus's backing vocalists before we moved onto the main support act MC Lars. I had never heard of him but apparently half the audience had since he been in King Tuts before. Admittedly I thought he was a bit post-Backstreet Boys Nick Carter at first (just picture that for a bit) but despite not being a rap fan he won me over with his section where audience members held up personal objects and he added them into the rap (including shoes, condoms, hats, inhalers and phones). I wouldn't fall over myself to see him again because, as I said, I'm not a rap fan but he was definitely entertaining for one night whilst waiting to see a main act. 

Going to a gig solo

I found out about the gig with not that many days notice and the few people I did ask were either skint/busy or only knew the one song. So I gritted my teeth and went alone, something many people wouldn't do. Honestly, I'm good with own company and have a high boredom threshold (proud introvert and shiizzzzz) but this scared me as gigging is seen as a very social thing and a bit bizarre to do alone. But I decided I only have one life and missing a favourite band live because no one could accompany was illogical. So I did, and it was fine. Nobody walked up to me and laughed because this wasn't fucking high school where we laugh at the kid who sits alone. I just slid into a quiet corner which also had a few loners and some older couples who didn't quite want to head bang at the front. And everyone else probably thought I was with them. Plus, no one I knew showed up, which was grand. 

Lesson of today: if no one will go with you, go yourself. Stop being a wuss. 

Lots of Brendan B.Brown love
morag | mo adore
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