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In This Week

Rainbow in Tradestone // dude from Wheatus // my flatmates packing for Greece // veggie tortillas // Smirmoff Gold // broke my favourite mug :( 

I'm currently sitting snuggled up on the sofa with a chesty cough (again) in my empty flat as my flatmate left for Greece with her boyfriend yesterday. This place is creepy by itself as it's usually quite big for two people, let only one person haha. Got the fright of my life when my neighbours starting jumping! :/

The highlight of this week was definitely going to see Wheatus. I only found out they were playing with 18 days notice and ended up heading to it myself. I'll be writing up a full review of it at some point this week but I'll just put in short that I am so so so glad that I went and I am now an advocate for gigging solo if you really can't get someone to go with you. 

And, if you remember a blog post I wrote about travel exclusive vodka and were thirsting over the Smirnoff Gold you'll be glad to know it has now definitely come to the general UK market. I spotted it in the Tesco Metro beside the St Enoch centre today. I didn't buy any as I have been savouring my bottle so not to run out but I'm now maybe going to stop being so conservative about it now that I know I can easily get a new bottle ;)

Lots of Teenage Dirtbag love! 

morag | mo adore
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  1. I got a bottle of the gold for my 18th, love it! I'm planning to make some sort of Christmas themed cocktail with it somehow... x

  2. Wow, I bet the gig was awesome! I know how weird it can feel being in a flat on your own, but remember you can listen to music/the tv at whatever volume you want, and can slouch about and not feel judged! :) Hope you feel better soon x


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