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What's on my bedside table?

It seems to be quite a nosey blogger thing to want to know what someone considers important enough to be on their bedside table but this tag has been one of my all-time favourites to read on other people's blogs. I have been putting it off because a few things that sit on my bedside table wouldn't if I had already gotten around to purchasing extra furniture (which I haven't, lazy person) but I decided it was time to do this anyway as it doesn't look as though I'll be getting a dresser any time soon.

Whilst I do generally keep my bedroom electronics free (no tv, and my PC is in a separate study/spare room) two things I feel I need on my beside table are my phone (which acts as a alarm) and my iPod dock (which I have considered putting in the living room) with both their chargers plugged into the wall behind. I also keep my ear phones there for no reason other than whenever I have tucked them away I seem to always forget where they are, so keeping them right beside my iPod means that when I am going on a train or bus trip (which is almost every second weekend for me) I can quickly grab them as I pick up my iPod.

Like most people I consider my current book to be an important part of my bed area, however what this photo doesn't show is that a lot of the time my current book may be on the floor or just somewhere else on my bed (I've had a double bed since I was 19 but I still seem to use the other side as a storage facility because I tend to end-up sleeping diagonally otherwise). At the time of the current photo I was nearing the end of The Sunflower Forest and was about to begin The Perks of Being a Wallflower but both have now been finished and I am currently making my way through The Vampire Dairies series. 

And, finally, the slightly more unconventional part of my bedside table is probably my stones. I got these along with a magazine when I was a teenager (it was Bliss magazine, well and truly my fav!) and whilst I don't actually believe in these practices I, well, like the idea of it and have held a strong interest in occult and witches since I was a teenager. Hey, it's my bedside table. 

You might have also spotted that I keep some beauty stuff on my bedside table. I haven't shown a close-up of these products mainly because I don't have a dresser and when I do finally get around to buying one I will probably move my moisturisers onto it and only keep my night cream and my sleep balm (review here*) beside my bed (and also stop using my windowsill as my make-up station!). 

What do you keep on your bedside table?

morag | mo adore
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