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Things I Love Thursdays: Being Aberdonain

A photo I used in a similar blog post last year
(I might tomorrow take proper photos!)

Moving around a lot does mean that the word 'home' can become a bit of an oxymoron. When people ask where I'm from the situation in which it is asked determines my answer more than anything - I have used home to describe Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dundee on separate occasions. But alas I am a born and bred Aberdonian and being home this past week has reminded of why whilst living away I still considered myself a proud sheep-s******. 

The football team (yes, really)
It usually appears to be a little known fact to anyone born during the 90's onwards that Aberdeen F.C. are historically one of Scotland's most successful teams and I still consider myself a supporter despite the lack of trophies since I was three years old. 

Aberdeenshire is beautiful
I'm a city girl through and through but if I do need some country relaxation Aberdeenshire has loads to offer. In fact, one of my favourite non-city places in Scotland is Balmedie and if I ever did 'retire' to Aberdeen then it would be my town of choice. 

We're getting more and more renewables
Keeping on the topic of Balmedie (ahem) I'm glad the North Sea is getting a windfarm and as a local to that area I don't think they'll spoil the view from a crertain golf course!

Storybook Glen
When other Scottish people realise I'm from Aberdeen they'll usually share a story about visiting Storybook Glen a as child and truthfully, that place was my childhood nirvana. It is a very important part of any Aberdonian's childhood. 

My education
I am a proud former pupil of my former secondary school. It was a state school with no uniform that didn't act like good grades were the be all-and-end-all (we only did seven Standard Grades) with pupils that came from a wide range of backgrounds and the school lacked an official religion. To this day it has been a big influencer in what I think a good education means for future generations. (Disclaimer: they do now have a uniform since a change in headteacher happened). 

Aside from windmills and education, politically Aberdeen sits well with me. The second civil ceremony in Scotland was held in Aberdeen between two city councillors. Abortion was also more accessible in Aberdeen than Glasgow when the right to choose became legalised in the UK (this fact is from my dad, I have no online sources). We're also the most secular city in Scotland and football teams don't go beating each other up (okay, we only have one team), I never seen an Orange March until I moved away and my high school education was religion-free (albeit my primary education was not). 

Annie Lennox and Emeli Sandé
And, uh, Calvin from the S Club Juniors. 

So despite our nasty accents (that one Aberdonian character in River City has a lot to answer for) and the weather and the fact that its so expensive because one suburb just happens to be the richest in Scotland, I 'd still not hand in my Aberdonian title and pretend I'm a weegie (or a Dundonian). 

morag | mo adore
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