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The Anti-Diet: I'd rather play dress-up than go to a gym

And in this instalment of my anti-diet series I touch upon something that is superficial but doesn't involve changes to diet or doing anything that involves running or doing star-jumps.

Dressing to suit your figure.

Whilst I would like to be someone who doesn't give a toss about how her stomach looks in a bodycon dress, I am someone who likes to flatter her figure.

Plus, wearing flattering clothes is cheaper and less strain on mental (and sometimes physical) health than spending hours exercising in a way you don't enjoy just improve a certain area of the body.

Whilst I cannot tell you what to do for your own figure, but I can give you the rules I follow for my own.

I almost always wear dresses
My legs are my favourite features but my stomach is my least, and dresses with a waistline at my belly bottom with a skirt that flows outwards helps show off the first feature but conceal the latter.

If I do wear trousers and a t-shirt/shorts and a t-shirt look it's always baggy
Again for the reason above - vest tops and t-shirts accentuate my stomach.

My rule whilst in changing rooms
Unless I turn around and LOVE it on me I don't buy it. One smidgen of doubt that it looks good and it goes back on the hanger. Because if you have to convince yourself that it suits you it's probably because it doesn't.

I avoid high-necks
I've never been entirely sure why polo necks or even anything too close to the neck doesn't suit me, but I've considered that it is because of my natural jaw line (I have a fairly long face) or because of shoulders (who knows), but this is again something that I take into consider before I even decide to take something in the changing.

Bra choices
I, for the most part, will wear a padded t-shirt bra. As much as I do love some colourful underwear there are some outfits where you need a practical but unsexy bra. I also avoid clothing choices which require too much bra on show (or any bra on show for that matter).

But remember...
There is a different between wearing flattering clothes and wearing clothes that you can hide in, but it is a fine line. I consider clothing choices to be a large part of my personal identity and think that it should be fun. I do wear stuff to conceal certain parts of my figure but every body part I decide to cover up there's another I love to show off.

Also, decide what is flattering for yourself. We've been told heels are sexy as they elongate the legs, and well they do. But I gave up learning to walk in stilettos several years ago because my tootsies shouldn't feel sore just for the illusion of slimmer legs - so I just make do with my so-called stumps :p

Other articles to cover body shapes that aren't my own:
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morag | mo adore
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