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Armpits4August re-cap

Apologies for the grainy phone pic, my DLSR charger has went walkies...

You may have not realised but I decided to grown out my armpit hair for this past month. And you probably didn't realise because I forgot to tell anyone. Oops.  

Mainly because I honestly believed I would reach for the razor before the 31 days were up and I work in a corporate marketing role where I need to be kept in some kind of 'presentable' check. (You might have noticed I dropped my surname from social media two months ago, that was for professional reasons). 

But alas I haven't reached for a razor and now I am sharing the photo. 

And what I've learnt.

I was no smellier or cleaner during this month
My findings from this month is that the myth of BO levels increasing is completely false and needs to be thrown out the window. I smell the same now writing this as I did one month ago. 

I still believe I shave because I want to 
Whilst the discrimination towards women who choose not to shave is wrong I believe I shave because I really genuinely want to. I shave regardless of season, what I am wearing and who I am (or not) dating. 

I was embarrassed to show them off
I couldn't put my armpits on display at work but outside of work I still generally hid my underarms. Which generally isn't the idea behind Armpits4August. 

I didn't suddenly stop looking like a 12 year old girl
Throughout my shaving life I have always been mistaken as older and I haven't resembled a prepubescent girl since I was a prepubescent girl. We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing sexual or romantic partners, we just need to realise these are preferences and shouldn't enforce them on everyone we meet, and no one is a pedophile just because they like an adult with little body hair. 

I'm not going to lie that I will be happy on Monday morning when I take a razor to my underarms again, but this last month has been an eye-opener and I do hope that Armpits4August reaches Movember heights, and that any women who choose not to shave or have a medical condition that increases hair growth can soon live in a society which doesn't discriminate against it. 

And because I didn't actually believe I would do this the whole month I forgot to set up a JustGiving page but you can donate generally to the charity here.  

Mo x 
morag | mo adore
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