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Things I Love Thursdays: proving them wrong...

If you think this will be an immature teenage rant, then I promise it won't be. Much

I'm going to try and make this self-righteous epiphany as mature as I can. 

As you may be aware I graduated from university almost one year ago (in a pink neon dress). With a degree that was different from the career I wanted to pursue and was also graded at a 2:2 (for none Scottish people this means I my grades were primarily C's).

The reason for this low grade was truthfully because I flat-up didn't really care. But the surface reason was because in my final year I spent more time blogging, running a cupcake society, helping to run the business society's marketing, volunteering with Rotaract Dundee, learning dance routines for my final uni show and working part time in social media (with a few more freelance projects on the side).

And yes, my low grade can be completely and utterly blamed on not actually doing what I was 'meant' to be doing. But if you spotted the inverted commas and the statement about wanting a career that was different from my degree you might have realised there was some logic to this madness. 

Because there was. And it was because in my third year I finally worked out that I wanted to work in digital marketing but didn't really fancy adding any more years to my education to get the paper that confirmed I had a good theoretical knowledge of marketing. So I started collecting work experience in marketing - wherever I could find it. 

And despite having researched this calculated risk there were still the naysayers. Those who said you are nothing without at least a 2:1 (I kept my 2:2 off my CV and no one ever asked for my grade) or that your degree absolutely 100% no questions asked had to match your future career choice (I worked in a career centre so knew how transferable degrees can be). Whilst in a lot of cases a 2:1 is requested or a degree in that particular area is essential (I would be nervous if my dentist said their degree was actually graphic design!) in many many cases degrees don't count for everything, and I now act as living proof of that. 

One year on I am still one of the few graduates from the business school who have 'professional' jobs and have held it since October. In hindsight a few extra years of education wouldn't have killed me and I don't necessarily recommend ditching a degree for work experience but nothing really does beat the satisfaction of saying 'well I showed you'.

morag | mo adore
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