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The anti-diet: thirst-quenching and hydration

I know, I know. We are constantly told by beauty magazines, our parents and the doctor that we need to drink plenty of water. And today, I am going to add myself to that list.

Out of everything I have ever done for my health, drinking more water was one of the best decisions I have ever made (it's up there with stop going to effing McDonald's).

The health benefits to drinking water are always endless but for me I have personally found that my hair got glossier, I felt a hell of a lot less bloated and it could help keep hunger away.

And on that note about using water as a way to keep hunger away: water is not a substitute for food. What water can do is help you know when you are actually hungry, and when you're actually just dehydrated. Back when I was a waitress and I couldn't just scoff my face when there were customers to attend to, I would drink water whenever hunger was setting in but my break was far off, which definitely would relax my stomach but I'd still hit the food when my time came.

Allowing water drinking to become part of  our routines can be difficult. I work an office job now which means having a continual supply isn't difficult. However before I even leave my house I commit to drinking two glasses before I head out on my journey to work (I walk so I need a good amount of water for the exercise I'm doing) but this is a tip non-desk workers can use too.

Drinking water was very important during this past month when Southern Europe appeared to lend us Brits their sun. Even though I drink plenty of water I still found myself showing signs of dehydration in the past few weeks: feeling really thirsty and finding my really easily agitated. So remember when the heat goes up you need to down more water.

However, you can drink too much water and for each individual the ideal amount can be very different (even NHS GPs dispute the 8 glasses a day recommendation). The confusing thing is that a lot of the symptoms of over hydration is the same as dehydration such as dizziness, irritability, headaches and confusion. However (and I'm not a trained nutritionist so you take this at your own risk) my research has shown that your pee should always have some colour - if it does not then you are actually drinking too much.

I'm not a particularly science-y person (which is the reason I never chose to study nutrition despite my strong interest) but my research as shown that water intoxication is linked to a lower sodium concentration (which is salt, which your body does need).

I know this is all advice you have heard before and you might have rolled your eyes, but it is important advice. Drinking a healthy amount of water each day is essential to your health and I personally have seen great benefits to having a good amount of water in my system.

morag | mo adore
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