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The Anti-Diet: listening to your own booty

And by booty, I mean the entire body. But I needed an eye-catching title. 

And by listening, I'm being slightly metaphorical as we are not actually discussion listening in it's literal sense. More understanding, watching, observing, and being with ones-self (I'm going to get cheesy again).

Now on to the actual post.

This is only the second post in my anti-diet series but by god this topic has not been plucked out the air accidentally. I have chosen it second purposefully, and it is because I want to get it out there that what has worked for me may not work for you, as we are all different.

(This is also where I insert a disclaimer that this post/series is for entertainment and personal purposes only and that I am not a professional nutritionist, dietician, doctor, fitness instructor or anything else relating to the health industry and my advice should not be taken in place of a professional nutritionist, dietitian, doctor, fitness instructor or anything else relating to the health industry. So please don't sue me if you don't witness any results)

I am very passionate that everyone in this world is different, and this remains true for health as well. I am not a fan of the BMI or recommended daily allowance and believe they should have be taken with a pinch of salt. They amount to the 'average' person so if you step outside of average (which will be most of us) then you're going to have to sit down one-to-one with a professional or learn to listen to your own body to understand what really works for you.

Personally I know that I build up leg muscle easily, but have to work really hard to build up anything in my arms. I know that my dress size doesn't change much with exercise, only how toned I am. Back when I was seventeen and hillwalking was my main fitness activity I weighed 11 stone but was no bigger than I am today. When picking up my regular contraceptive pill the nurse used to always remark on how low my blood pressure was but I've only fainted twice in my entire life (once was when I was ill and other was when I got scared on a ghost tour circa age 11). I also have a self-diagnosed soya intolerance and I usually show the signs of 'too much water' long before I get anywhere close to the daily recommendation. We're all different.

But I'm not going to preach about this and instead will include some practical advice on listening to your own booty. 

Certain foods can make you feel bloated
If you're feeling bloated or poo-ing a lot (btw, poo might feature a lot today) then it might be an intolerance. If you seem to be showing the warnings signs start by cutting out the main culprits (milk, soya, gluten, wheat) or you can find out the way I did, by eating a lot of it in one sitting (which was an accident, I wouldn't recommend doing this on purpose).

Cutting out a food is not also as hard as you might think, if I can find soya free vegan cheese you can find anything.

Is you pee yellow or clear?
Ideally it should be a healthy medium. If you're peeing yellow smelly stuff you probably aren't drinking enough water but if it is clear (as in, you are actually just pissing water) then you have probably drank too much. 

What dress sizes you can be (and which you cannot ever be)
When I was eating unhealthily and not exercising I was a size twelve. When I began to eat healthily I dropped to a size 10. When I introduced excersize I became a more toned size 10. It doesn't look as though I could be any other size no matter how hard I tried. Don't obsess over this stuff and don't listen to the media - you know what is healthy for you!

Learn what vitamins do (and if you might lack them)
I have a big bumper post planned on vitamins but I'll let you know that I take omega 3 supplements because concentration has never been my strong point (up until I took them). I also let you know that I took vitamin C fizzes a few years back and they gave me diarrhoea. Watch yourself.

Glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails
My penultimate beauty tip: it is more important what goes in your body that what goes on it. If you look extra dull without foundation maybe you do need to look at you diet, or if your nails break maybe you need to watch you nutrient intake.

Put down the fucking scales
Fun fact: I don't know how much I weigh and I do not care. When exercising to lose weight you'll burn the fat but you'll also build up muscle. And kids, muscle ways more than fat which can trick the scales into saying you're fat, when in fact you're developing the body of a strong woman (or man, hello male readers!). Ignore that dial in the bathroom.

I also don't know my BMI
Because muscle ways more than fat and I know 'underweight' people who scoff their faces.

Always sick/feeling faint/always cold
Could be you need more vitamins. Or could be a warning sign you need to see a doctor. 

morag | mo adore
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