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My favourite hotels in the world

Courtyard at Ngolide Lodge, Zambia.

I've stayed a in a few hotels in my time. Some I forgot about pretty quickly, some that were okay and these ones, which have stuck out in my memory for some reason or another. I've stayed in plenty of hotels I'd recommend (in fact I've stayed in few I wouldn't recommend) but these hotels stood out to me without having to think about it, and would really consider staying in again if I returned to that area. 

Barcelo Hotel Ponent Playa

Along with your average British person I've been to Majorca several times and out of the three locations I've been to, Cala d'Or was the one that stood out. There were some really gorgeous hotels in the area (there were some hexagonal apartments near by) but if you're looking for a three star hotel that goes all out then I'd recommend the Barcelo Hotel Ponent Playa. It was on the beach front with shops on the other side of the building. Plus the hotel was beautiful, had a pool, an indoor pool, four bars (from what I can remember) entertainment nightly, a tennis court, a games room and the biggest all you can eat buffet. It was back in 2001 I went which means things may have changed (it was finding this hotel in the First Choice brochure which inspired this post so it does still exist!) but the fact this hotel still stands out a decade later really says something!
Website | Trip Advisor | First Choice | Thomas Cook

Ngolide Lodge

This hotel has already been mentioned on mo'adore a year ago when I wrote up my Zambia travel guide. It definitely appears well-to-do but because the British pound goes very far in Zambia it was the cost of what would be a three star hotel in Europe. Ka-ching! It was owned by a lovely Indian woman who was still very hands on with the running of the place and, fittingly, a delicious Indian restaurant was attached to the hotel which was beyond amazing. Especially for a veggie like myself in a country which isn't all round veggie friendly.
Website | Facebook | Trip Advisor 

Sumac Chaska Hostel

As a disclaimer I'll start out and say I did have to load up Google Maps to rediscover the name but I am 99.9% sure I found the correct one. But on to the review. This place is situated just off the main square in Ollantaytambo which, if you're planning a trip to Peru any time soon, didn't have a lot there but was the place people would stop by for one or two nights to break up their journey. What I do really remember about this place was the service here was outstanding. The woman who was serving whilst we were there went all out to make sure we were all okay (she even did our laundry) and, whilst I maintain that we should speak the language of the country we're in, she did speak really good English.
Facebook | Trip Advisor | Hostel World

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