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Month In Review: June

My current book and the leaves of my Peace Lily plant

Oh, resolutions, I am so so sorry I forgot about you. Well, actually I didn't forget, I was hit by a large council tax bill that I am still in the process of paying off. And then I decided to start my own business which resulted in not as much time for reading books and drawing out tattoo designs. So, I'm kind of sorry but in the situation I reckon my excuses fly okay (at least it isn't due to laziness). 

But since 2013 is now at it's half year mark I thought I should provide a small update. 

Update: I can fingerspell the alphabet with not much thought but still can't 'read' it quickly when other people do it. My French adjectives have increased, but I still wouldn't hold up a conversation. I'm halfway through my final book before I can start on my 2013 reading list. I've missed the season for sowing plant food but I have bought compost, a small garden fork and the seeds and now only need plant pots (and a gardening book) in preparation for next year. I do however now have three house plants in my care with more on my to-buy list for practice purposes. I haven't pierced anything else but I am itching for my next one (but need to get myself into a better financial situations before I put needles in anything else). I'm yet to fund a tattoo but the courage is there (just not the money). And I'm still sending out the odd blog post on my 'professional' domain. 

So there!

Lots of medium success with my resolutions love. 

morag | mo adore
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