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In This Week

free pr goodie // free wine voucher // street food event at Sloans // pasta dish // nutters on the Tradestone bridge // final of the women's football

Currently I'm sitting on my living room chilling with my blog (as if it's a person...) and some Jurassic Park (erm, yes) after a relatively busy week involving food, friends, cocktails and the women's European league. 

You might have spotted on Twitter and Instagram but the women's European football has been taking up a lot of my attention this week. I'm not aware of any bloggy friends sharing my interest but I was kind of hoping for a win that wasn't Germany, only for someonea bit different; I haven't got anything against Germany. Truthfully I was hoping it would go to Denmark to carry on a streak after winning Eurovision ;)

On Thursday night I headed out with three of my favourites Hayley, Louise and Charlotte to the Sloan's Street Food market. We were brought along as Charlotte's guests as two little veggies such as me Louise were a bit awkward haha. We were left to pick at the chips for the first round but got our paws on the macaroni cheese with came with onion rings, salsa and some chips layered underneath. And that so made up for watching people much on chicken! 

And of course well all know that Saturday night was a time for the Scottish bloggers to meet up for some cocktails and a little chat. It's hard to remember who all you've met before and I ended up thinking I had met Laura before but turned out we hadn't. Never the less we still had a good wee chat about Home and Away, the Hive and awkward PR stories. 

Hope you all had a good week!

morag | mo adore
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