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In This Week

Oh man, as much as I love summer the heat this week has been ridiculous! Make-up sliding off and sweating so much a morning shower might as well have been skipped. Saying that I am enjoying that I don't need to wear a jacket (but the new freckles on my arms are kinda annoying). 

This week I've been up to Dumbarton for a meet up with Arbonne ladies then also headed through to Dundee for Alan's birthday. The beady eyed long-term readers may recognise my clothing choice for the night was my pink graduation dress from last year (I certainly did a get a few 'omg the graduation dress' from my mateys). And if you follow me on Instgram you might have gotten the impression it was a bit of a messy night - I wasn't as drunk as my photos made me out to be, I think it was just being out for the first time in what felt like forever which caused to me get so many weird photos on the walk to the club.

The next morning I did something that I had never properly done in the four years I lived in Dundee and that was walk along the water front in the west direction. I had been along the east bit for varsity, the airport and the big Tesco but for some reason never heading west. There are some stunning appartments there with some stunning views (if you happen to be flat hunting in Dundee). 

And for any of my Glasgow readers, you may have spotted the stall in Buchanan Galleries that sells oils, vinegars and alcohols of weird flavours. I always have a nosey at it and made my first purchase as a birthday present this week. I bought the fig vodka (which sounded like the most masculine for my pal) and was given a small shot of it. I was impressed and even though the cost does add up, the fact you can buy it in 100ml measures means you aren't forced to buy a full bottle. And the hand written notes on the bottle made it more personal. (This is a big hint for my birthday in November)

And those holiday brochures? They're actually my flatmate's as I am too poor and just needed an even amount of Instagram photos (I'm cool).

Lots of pole dancing love ;)

morag | mo adore
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