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Travel Exclusive Vodkas to look out for

If there's something I really love about passing through an airport (okay the only thing) then it's rummaging the duty free. I may be a girl who loves her beauty but as we all know I'm a lover of trying new things so for me I shun the reduced high end-up make-up for something a bit harder to get on the high street. And that is the alcohol.

When I headed across to Africa last summer (and returned) I moved through six airports which gave me a good chance to nosy at all the wines, spirits and liqueurs. I would have bought the lot but I was in that unemployeed graduate stafe of my life, so I only picked up two bottles which I settled on due to their travel exclusivity. 

(As a side note to this post, I haven't been able to find out if these vodkas remain travel exclusive but I haven't spotted them in Tesco so I assume their still at least difficult to get your paws on. Or they've been discontinued, so apologies if you like the sound of them and they are). 

Absolut Flavor of the Tropics

I picked this up in Lusaka airport in Zambia so if you do happen to be there this summer then have a good nosey. However Absolut being a Swedish vodka I imagine a European airport has to have it somewhere. Tropical is my favourite flavour of juice so gravitated towards this vodka which is a mix of mango, orange, lychee, pineapple and melon vodka. I have to admit it's hard to describe this flavour of vodka (helpful as always Morag) and was different to what I expected. It isn't overly fruity and actually tastes quite 'natural' and not as though it's full of flavourings. It became my default vodka for the past year after a long day at work (you come home to vody too, don't lie) and right now there is maybe four bar measures left so I'm now trying to preserve the very last of it.

Smirnoff Gold Collection

Whilst I was perusing the alcohol section of Terminal 5 (which is Disneyland for a spirit drinker) I spotted this beautiful creation. Vodka that essentially glittered. After gawking at the bottle (and others) I headed further through to discover Smirnoff were sampling. The girl gave me a shot glass of the vodka with mixed with apple juice and it was heaven. I left it because as much as I wanted it I couldn't lug it through Africa but I rushed to buy it on my return flight. I did however drop it in Aberdeen (erm, oops) which I was gutted about (it was also meant to be a romantic gesture for the guy I was dating at time because he used moisturiser with gold in it haha) but my parents were heading through to Australia/New Zealand later that year so picked me up a new bottle. 

And I'm guessing you want to know about the vodka? It's a cinnamon liquer with gold bits and if you're thinking it would be like Goldschlager then you would be right. However for me it's a cut above. No matter what position the bottle is in the flakes continue to float whereas the Goldschalger flakes fall to the bottom. Plus the Smirnoff has less of an obvious alcoholic taste and goes down a lot smoother (one measure of G-schlager and I'm tipsy). I still haven't opened this (second) bottle as I want to preserve it for a very special moment, plus I'm scared of smashing the bottle. 

Have any of you guys found a travel exclusive drink you just love and recommend to holiday makers? 

morag | mo adore
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