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Things I Love Thursdays: a new skill (and a weird graphic)

This is going to be a boring work post; so I'll forgive you if you stop reading right now (or didn't even make it to this paragraph).

My work involves me doing everything and anything marketing - PR, web design, web content, blogging, case studies, brochure making, you get the drill. Whilst it can definitely help me decide which types of marketing I think I could do in the long term and what kind of marketing I should place in the 'I'm shit at this' pile and avoid any jobs that involve that in the future, I am here for the time being and thus need to do it all. 

And doing it all means having to learn a lot. And when I started this job last October as a graduate who decided to chance her luck at marketing without a marketing degree there was a lot I didn't know. I had a blog which I had convinced some people to read and I had held a part-time job in social media for a year and half - but that was really it. Quickly I realised I had to subscribe to some more marketing blogs and get reading some books if I was going to do well. 

Some of it has been absorbed easier than I thought it would, but other parts haven't. But the point of this post is to tell you a new work/marketing skill I have been concentrating on this past fortnight which I have made strides in. 

I'm guessing you've all heard of Photoshop? But have you heard of of its sister programme Fireworks aimed at web graphics? I hadn't until I started this job and found the full Adobe Design package on my PC. My work has been busy busy busy since the start but recently I found myself with not so many deadlines and a new micro-site that needed a logo so decided it would be the perfect time to settle into some tutorials and learn my way around a new design programme. 

Graphic design is something I've always been interested in, but unless you're parents are crapping money or you went to a school with an awesome art and design department (or you're into illegal downloads) then owning the Adobe Suite is something of a dream. I had PSP growing up which certainly did help me master some basic graphic skills but Photoshop skills is what they ask for on job adverts. I bluffed my way through interviews pretending I had owned Photoshop for longer than a 30 day free trial believing I could pick it up easily which, thankfully, I did (I'm setting such a brilliant example to the soon-to-be-graduates reading my blog, aren't I?).

However when I excitingly opened the rest of the package in my first week (Flash! Illustrator! InDesign!) I was completely lost when looking at these programmes I had longed to own when I was a geeky teenager.

So back to what I was saying pre-tangent, this past fortnight I had stuck on some headphones, watched YouTube tutorials and found my way through Adobe Fireworks. I now know all the basic features and what toolbars exists and where to turn them off and on. And how to make animations I can put in a PowerPoint presentation if I'm sick of the default Microsoft ones. And draw some quirky shapes for a blog post (I didn't say I was an expert quite yet). 

Lots of love and reminder that there's a YouTube tutorial for almost anything.

morag | mo adore
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