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Things I Love Thursdays: being settled

Dundee summer sky in 2010, when I went to a fair.

Last week, during the glorious sunshine, I found myself feeling a bit different about summer this year. I love sunshine, I think that moment when day hits night is at its best in summer and I hate wearing a jacket. 

For the last few years I have welcomed the sun and soaked up the increasing summer nights. However as much as I anticipated it I was also dreading the weeks passing by as I attempted to hold on to that university year, my current flat and put off returning to my parents house in Aberdeenshire and resuming my summer job as a waitress. 

And it hit me whilst I was looking out of my big window last week: this summer feels different because I'm not trying to hold on to the days. I'm not going back to Aberdeen, I'm not switching flats and I'm not leaving anything behind. This is the first summer since 2007 where I'm not moving somewhere. And it feels strange and part of me feels as if I should be going somewhere. 

The fact that it is also now one year on from one the biggest months of my life is probably adding to my weird feelings. June 2012 was a big month for me seeing me move half my life away from Dundee before my final move in July, touch down in Africa for the first time, find myself falling in love only to fall out of it by the end of June on less than amicable terms, as well as someone who had been in my life for years proving to me they had no place in my future. 

So yeah, big times. And now I'm settled. As well as not moving away or moving flats, I have no boy drama, my friends circle is secure and I'm not leaving one job and moving to on to another one. 

It's nice, but weird. 

morag | mo adore
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