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Playlist: my all time favourite beats

As mentioned when I posted my playlist of all the UK Eurovision entries I could find on Spotify, I have been intending to introduce music to my blog for some time, but had kept putting it off. 

But now I'm rectifying that. I've already began doing gig reviews (of which I have only written one, hah!) and now I'm putting the finishing touches to the playlists I've been preparing on Spotify since, say, last summer. 

I've noticed that quite a few blogs do monthly favourites playlists however ever since I've had an iPod my playlists have always been mood or situation based: songs that sounds good in a bath, songs that give me a kick in the ass, songs by not so well known boybands...

To start this off (ignoring the Eurovision playlist) I thought it would make sense to firstly post my all-time favourite songs, like ever. I was thinking of writing a respectable all-time favourites and a not-so-respectable favourites playlists, but what's a respectable music taste is so objective and most people say my music taste isn't. So that was the end of that. 

Without any more rambling, my top 11 songs (because I couldn't decide on 10):

All links go to the music video on YouTube. 

* Not on Spotify, but I still have a playlist of the other nine songs which you can open here

What are your favourite songs of all time?

morag | mo adore
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