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In This Week

I'm going to be a stereotypical British person and comment on how lovely the weather has been. For me, good sunshine puts an extra oomph in my step - I'm generally happier, I get more done, I feel more creative and everything just seems more swell. With the fantastic weather this week I have found myself admiring the big windows in my flat. I have a balcony which the patio doors have been open onto all week and also a big window in my bedroom which I can look out of whilst lying on my bed, whilst Spotify spins out some summer loveliness (the Naked and Famous sound great in the sun btw). 

This week my ma and pa also swung by Glasgow before they headed out to some Scottish islands for a holiday and I spent today adventuring with them. Me and my mum are big into houses (you can tell where I get my coolness from) so we decided to have drive up to Milgavie to perve on some posh homes. Whilst there we drove into East Dumbartonshire and stopped by one of my favourite stores ever - Dobbies (if you ever thought I was slightly cool, you don't anymore). As you may know I've been trying to work on a balcony garden but whilst there my mum refused to answer my gardening questions and told me with my small amount of knowledge I really shouldn't be considering buying mandarin trees (pfffft). But I did buy two house plants with my mum's guidance which I can practice caring for (she's probably right). Also gardening? Expensive! 

We finished tonight off with dinner at Papa Tony's at Springfield Quay which I'm sure I'll blog about this week.

Lots of summer open window love!

morag | mo adore
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