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In This Week

I'm now snuggling down to my Sunday night blogging after a lbloggers chat about photography. As usual I've been working away at the 9-5 and trying to jam pack as much stuff in around those hours as I can. I'm back into my running again and now that that nasty council tax paying is finally beginning to get paid off I can spend less time worrying and more time doing stuff I enjoy (I saved £150 in June, now to pay off some more this month). And this money has mainly went on food. This week I've made tortilla pizzas (I seen this on a blog but have forgotten, if it's you hit me :P), garlic bread earlier today (the crust is really hard though) and some coconut curry burgers which, even if they were a little burnt, were a marvelous flavour combination. You can find the recipe here.

I also did some payday shopping yesterday but unfortunately I'm really not liking a lot of what is in the shops right now. And then when you consider that I'm usually looking for office appropriate clothes my choices become very limited and I ended up just picking up a new 'evening' bag and another pair of flats (and tights). I usually love summer clothes more and last summer I was usually in a changing room somewhere trying to narrow down my choices to my budget. Boo!

I'm away to give myself a Sunday night pamper with a facemask and some nailpolish.

Lots of Sunday love!

morag | mo adore
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  1. Same here! I'm struggling to find many clothes I like at the moment :/ a lot of the current trends (see high necklines and crop tops!) just do not suit me! xx

  2. those burgers sound seriously good! x

    1. They were a bit burn but were still so so good. Brought two of them with me to work today to nom on later!

  3. those coconut curry burgers sound amazing! Your instagram made me so hungry!

    Hannah xx

    1. Always good to get feedback on my Instagram photos ;)

  4. I think the garlic bread looks pretty yummy! x

    1. It was nice, but the crust was too hard :/

  5. Yum, this post is delicious! xo


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