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In This Week

I'm currently sitting looking out onto some gorgeous bit of green in Glasgow and I'd say summer is here, aye?  The weather was gorgeous Friday and Saturday though it seemed to want to disappear as I travelled to other side of Scotland (on the outbound and return journey!).

Whilst I didn't have any days off it still felt as though I got loads done this week as I was super busy. Tuesday night I was in Dumbarton to meet someone further up my Arbonne team for some training, after having been completely confused by the roads. Thursday night I headed to the Rox- Thrill Room for an event. It was one of the poshest events I had ever been at but classy little me turned up in my work clothes and drank up at the open bar. Can't take me anywhere. 

As I mentioned last weekend I headed through to Dundee to cheer on my friend who was DJing to raise money for The Rusty Hip Collective. The event was an amazing success and I'm super happy for him and his project. As much as I love Glasgow there are still little bits of Dundee I miss: whilst there I made my way to my favourite club (you know, in the whole of Scotland) as well as one of my favourite boutiques and the giant health food store right in town (I'm cool, I know). I love you Glasgow but why do you not have a big health food store right on Buchanan Street? The same goes for you Aberdeen. 

morag | mo adore
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