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Things I Love Thursdays: a good effin' night out!

As all Scottish bloggers and their dogs will know Monday night was the Scottish Hair and Beauty INAA night. If you spoke to me or Gillian that night you'll have known we were intending on heading out to sample the Glaswegian nightlife. And boy we did actually go properly out.

Prior to the event we were in The Social next door with Dawn and Lianne, where we also ended up for a few afterwards, before heading to The Garage. 

If you spoke to me near the end of the INAA's you might have spotted I was already tipsy (if you were one of the drivers who couldn't drink your glass of the wine - it was probably me that drank it for you) so you can imagine how drunk I ended up later after two Cosmopolitan's, countless Morgan's and cokes and a shot of sambuca. 

If you're imagination needs encouragement imagine me drinking a glass of orange juice the next morning and throwing it straight back up.

Oh well...

But on a serious note I hadn't had a really fun (albeit messy night out) like this is some time. I enjoy being an adult, but I do miss when council tax wasn't a thing and I had more money to throw at nights out. And waking up hungover with a friend. Albeit in a proper adult flat rather than halls. And then there's the whole thing where most of my friends live in a different city from me. Boo!

So yes, to drunken retarded behaviour and waking up to a camera with pictures of people you don't know.

morag | mo adore
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