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Things I Love Thursdays: Eurovision

In case you haven't heard, Saturday is Euroision.

But because I really love Eurovision I'm watching the semi-finals as I type (did you just see the Greek entry?).

For anyone that didn't know me this time last year I really LOVE Eurovision - in an italicised, bold-end and capitalised kind of way.

What isn't to love? It's a big mix of culture, musical brilliance and class. Okay, maybe I lied. But it certainly is fun and anyone who disagrees is boring.

But it was last year's Eurovision when I put it all together and realised why Eurovision is my favourite time of year. For me personally it pulls together every single interest, hobby and weird quirk I acquire.

I'm a huge pop culture nut-case who loses respect for people who don't catch my pop culture references. So even if I did hate Eurovison I'd still watch it anyway.

I love a party, and yes I have a Eurovision party every year. With this party comes fancy dress, food, strange alcohol I might not usually drink, my favourite people and lets lose the event planner and marketing/PR person inside me without having to please a boss.

One of my geekier interests is international relations, and one of my biggest political knowledge banks is the European Union. I do say I should have studied marketing, but there was obviously a reason I applied for International Management (and actually enjoyed writing a mini-dissertation on Switzerland's relationship with the EU).

I like to pretend I'm a pretentious indie kid, but truthfully I'm usually found bouncing round my room to some atrocious pop music.

And now I'm blogging about it, so that's my internet obsession covered.

Happy Eurovision everyone!

morag | mo adore
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