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Things I Love Thursdays: Being Vegetarian/Vegan

I'm admittedly not a huge fan of National Vegetarian Week. It seems a little too-shove-my-views-down-your-throat for my liking, even though not eating animals is one of my most upheld morals.

However I am still a vegetarian and a blogger so it makes sense this TiLT post is dedicated towards something veggie related. So I'm going to talk about the benefits of being a veggie girl.

Even though vegetarianism brings with it pitfalls - having to decline party invites to the meat house, elderly relatives still not quite getting it and even guys of my past thinking it's a big issue - there are its benefits which may seem somewhat invisible to those who eat meat (even if they are wishing they didn't).

It forces me to try new foods
Whilst there's nothing stopping a meat-eater trying out smoked tofu and picking up a packet of cashew cheese most meat-eaters I know look at my almond milk with apprehension when they're round at my flat. I certainly never thought about trying it until I went veggie.

It's a 'me too' moment
Just like football clubs, the same home city or the same middle name, finding out someone is also a veggie creates an instant bond as you begin discussing which age we gave up meat at and whether we like Quorn or not.

Veggie dishes are cheaper
Whilst being veggie means I always have to check menus before I arrange to eat out, when I am at the restaurant the veggie dish is usually cheaper. I am still on a graduate salary after all.

Being true to myself
Along with deciding to be tee-total, voting for a niche political party, or being one half of couple that cohabits rather than marries, shunning anything that it outside the 'norm' can be daunting. But no one is ever happy pretending to be someone they're not, and being veggie makes me happy so the questions and odd looks don't bother me. 

Lots of sexy veggie love! 

morag | mo adore
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